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  • How to Get Started with Video Content Marketing (Without a Blockbuster Budget)

    … Back in my day, all online content was text-based. If you had two animated .GIFs on a website, you had to wait 30 seconds for the site to load. Four .jpgs on a site would crash your browser. We were grateful when posts were just words! We didn’t whine about “visual stimulation” or “content variety” back then, let me tell you. Of course, we also…

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  • 10 Infographics to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

    … to go with the latter. In other words, people like looking at stuff. As such, infographics are rapidly becoming an essential component of a solid content marketing strategy. Free tools like Canva and Pixlr make it easier than ever to turn your data into compelling visual content. The best infographics give equal weight to both parts of the word…

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  • The 5 Top Reasons You Should Be Using Infographics

    … conversions as email subscribers, blog signups, course purchases, or product sales on your website, infographics can help you see higher numbers on all fronts. People are more 17 percent more likely to be persuaded by visual imagery, which means visuals should be an important component of your marketing efforts including email marketing, social media…

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  • 7 Interactive Content Tools to Delight Your Audience

    … web survey Your audience is reading your content on a device that is capable of wonders. Whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it can do much more than display text. What’s more, they’re connected to the internet, with limitless potential for communication and conversation. In this context, interactive content makes a whole…

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  • Trends for online marketing in 2017 and beyond

    …) and slowly, you’ll see the use of 3D. 3. Use the power of visual marketing Visual marketing isn’t new because marketers have known for years about the power of images to persuade and engage. But the era of Death by PowerPoint is ending. Even your e-books and reports should be full of images. Consider linking to videos, too. Find a source of legal…

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  • 10 Trends Driving Visual Content Marketing in 2017 (Infographic)

    … Visual content has become so prevalent that it’s no longer just a piece of the marketing industry, but its core. The widespread adoption of video across almost all platforms means that marketers need to refocus their efforts throughout 2017. An infographic from Venngage examines how marketers are using visual content and the challenges…

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  • 5 Ways to Use Text Images to Promote Your Content

    … Whether you call them “text images” or “text pictures” or “image quotes,” using images with text is a content marketing trend that’s not going away anytime soon. You’ve probably noticed a lot of bloggers use text images to promote their content, particularly blog posts. I also recommend doing that, as I suggested when I published the Online…

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  • Life After Vine: 5 Tips to Help Brands Move on With Video

    … Vine, the social media app known for 6-second video loops, is shutting down. Twitter announced its decision to discontinue the video service in a press release last week. According to Marketing Land, Vine debuted in 2013 when mobile video wasn’t really a thing. But the rise of Snapchat, and the addition of live video capabilities on Facebook…

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  • The 3 Things That Make a Visual Marketing Campaign Actually Work

    …. And remember: visual content is the most effective medium for commanding the attention of brand audiences today, but it’s all in how you use this medium that determines whether you’re able to convey the values and summon the emotional resonance that helps to achieve your brand’s goals. Lily Croll is the strategy director at Wire Stone, an independent…

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