Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximise sales.Both goods or services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.Visual merchandising commonly occurs in retail spaces such as retail stores and trade shows.
Posts about Visual Merchandising
  • Visual-Merchandising Secrets for Better Content Engagement

    … merchandising (i.e., displaying products to make them more appealing) can make or break brick-and-mortar retailers. Visual merchandising incorporates elements such as traffic flow, lighting, color, signage, product packaging, organization, and assortment. Good visual merchandising can have an outsized impact on sales – which is why retailers regularly…

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  • Do You Know the New Rules of Visual Commerce?

    … in average-order value for Kerastase. Rule 3: Visual media must be included along every step of the purchase path A recent Lenovo email campaign featured a video for the T440s Ultrabook playing directly within the email (once again, demonstrating that content marketing and technology are inseparable). However, the video in email is only…

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