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  • Social Media and Productivity: Yes, They Can Co-Exist

    …. This one is especially great for Facebook, which is highly addictive. What is your best advice for keeping social media and productivity in harmony? TAGS: employees on social media, engagement, partner, productivity, social media, social media marketing, social media promotion, social media strategy, social media tools, social posting calendar, visual social media 33 …

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  • Social Content Creation: Today’s Word of Mouth

    Brands of the past understood that word of mouth was the best form of advertising. That’s still the case in today’s digital climate, although word of mouth looks a lot different on social media than what consumers might be accustomed to seeing. For one thing, speed is a critical component of effective word-of-mouth marketing—and that’s something social media can offer.

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  • Using Snapchat and Instagram to Connect With Your Audience

    … done in just a few seconds. If you’re putting together a story with multiple videos, keep the whole thing under 60 seconds. Further reading: Can Snapchat Work for B2B? Business still hinges on who you know, but the way a business builds relationships and communicates has changed. Keep your organization thriving by staying on top of the most effective and pervasive social media platforms. Both Snapchat and Instagram can help you build a strong company culture and create a brand that people want to be a part of. …

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  • The Intoxicating Truth of Instagram – And Using It to Market

    … Published 1 min ago 29 For years, I tried to wrap my head around the obsession people – mostly my female peers, in my estimation – seemed to have with these image-centric social media platforms, specifically, Instagram. And then, I finally got one. And when I got one, I finally got it. Twitter is tremendous, but text heavy. Facebook’s…

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  • 20 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros

    … a huge difference. Also, the ability to quickly give them access to links/resources results in a great customer service experience. Martin Shervington is a Google+ marketing expert, consultant and executive coach. #9: Use Hashtags Strategically Peg Fitzpatrick If you want to be successful with your social media plan, stop random acts of hashtagging…

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  • Visual Vault: Celebrities, Art and Advertising

    …: Want to increase sales? Consider how visual media can tie into reaching that goal. Fine artists aren’t the only ones using Instagram. Limzy, an art teacher based in Singapore, uses the network to capture her whimsical art. Brand tip: As Limzy says, use Instagram to freeze moments in time. Figure out what moments are important to you…

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  • How to Create an Infographic That Boosts Social Shares and Leads

    … infographics that tell a provocative story your readers can’t resist. What do you think? Have you used infographics in your marketing? Have you come across any other good tools to help create effective infographics? Please share with us in the comments! Tweet Tags: infographic, infographic design, infographic inspiration, infographic software, infographic tool, jeff ente, visual content, visual marketing, visual social media, visual storytelling …

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