• Interview: Rudy Nadilo on Research and Data Visualization

    … packaged goods, advertising, product management and marketing research. Rudy has served as CEO, marketing director, technologist, motivator and turnaround expert, as well as the sales force behind the sales teams where he has been engaged. Here’s our interview with Rudy where we discuss the Research Revolution and introduce Dapresy’s unique approach…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 15 readers -
  • Five Of the Best Data Visualization Examples from Content Marketers

    … Although many companies use data to produce compelling micro content, only a few create content at a depth that puts them in the category of top-shelf content marketers. In this post, we’ll examine several of the best data visualization examples from the brands Think With Google, Castlight Health, KISSmetrics, OK Cupid and LinkedIn. Along…

    Nate Birt/ Visual.lyin Content- 15 readers -
  • Making Business Dashboards More Collaborative

    … Vikas Lalwani published on May 29, 2015 in Visualization Data is everywhere and so are dashboards. Whether they’re for personal use like Google Fit and Twitter analytics, or for business use like Google Analytics and Mixpanel, we are surrounded by dashboards. For businesses, dashboards derive their value from their ability to provide… 9 readers -
  • Exploring the Perception of Bar Charts

    … Drew Skau published on May 28, 2015 in Visualization The world of infographics has produced a race between designers. The Internet is flooded with hundreds of infographics every day, so those graphics with good design and novelty features have a big leg up against competition in the race for eyeballs. Often this prioritizes design above…

    Drew Skau/ 13 readers -
  • Datylon Gives Designers Access to D3.js in Adobe Illustrator

    … javascript. This means designers with less tech savvy can have a hard time creating more complex charts and data visualizations. But those days may now be in the past. Belgium-based data storytelling startup Datylon has created a plug-in for Creative Cloud versions of Adobe Illustrator on Mac OS X that lets Illustrator users work with any SVG charts…

    Drew Skau/ 32 readers -
  • How to Make Better Visualizations for Your Blog

    … Do you ever run out of ways to promote your blog content? If so, then visual content may be the solution. In this post, we’re going to look at the tools, ideas, and distribution channels you can use to gain additional exposure for your content through the use of images and video. Let’s look at the type of visual content you can create for some…

    Sujan Patel/ Convince and Convertin Social Content How To's- 26 readers -
  • 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Pitch

    …) The most requested formats were (in order): Infographics Mixed-media pieces Data visualizations Images Video Interactive maps These assets can be even more valuable if the influencers you’re targeting have a large social presence. In another study on social traction, we learned that 51% of shares in the food vertical are earned…

    Kelsey Libert/ Convince and Convertin Content- 19 readers -
  • Listing Physical Visualizations

    … by Drew Skau 1 min ago Filed Under: Data The vast majority of visualizations we experience in our lives come from the digital world. On rare occasion, they are printed out on a piece of paper, but even then, they are two dimensional. Even more rarely, visualizations are created in the three dimensional physical world. Yvonne Jansen and Pierre…

    Drew Skau/ Visual.lyin Twitter- 13 readers -
  • Visualizing Dirty Jobs

    … this subject, check out this infographic titled “How a Landfill Works”.) (Bonus round, part 2: To see how other artists have labeled layers within a cross-section, check out this landfill illustration by Republic Services.) Total U.S. refuse and recyclable materials collectors: 116,460 Exterminator Admittedly, it was disappointing to find precious little…

    Nate Birt/ Visual.lyin Social- 6 readers -
  • Best American Infographics 2014

    by Drew Skau 1 min ago Filed Under: Updates Last year, The Best American Infographics book was a sweeping success because of its beautiful graphics, informative data visualizations, and great design. At first glance, this year’s edition promises to be just as great with an introduction by Nate Silver and a beautiful cover by Carl DeTorres.

    Drew Skau/ 8 readers -
  • How Audio Can Help Communicate Time Data

    … by Drew Skau 1 min ago Filed Under: Data Data Visualization is a great way to show off your data. It reveals patterns and trends, and can grab attention better than a table of numbers. But vision isn’t the only sense we can use to get a feel for data. Hearing can also be a great way to input data into our brains. In our brain, visuals…

    Drew Skau/ Visual.lyin Twitter How To's- 6 readers -
  • A 100-year Old Debate: Science or Art in Data Visualization?

    … visualization as you could by reading anything by Stephen Few, or blogs such as this one. Let’s take a look at a few things he focused on in his book. While we do, ponder two things: how come Brinton isn’t famous; and how come we still need books about this stuff when we knew it all 100 years ago? Imagine you are a data analyst in 1914. 1914…

    Visual.lyin Twitter- 12 readers -
  • Accidental Meaning In Graphic Design

    … with percentages, you expect the percentages to line up with 100% equivalent to the whole donut, 75% equivalent to three quarters, etc. Drew Skau is Visualization Architect at Visually and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on Twitter @SeeingStructure To complete the subscription process and receive your ebook, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Download our exclusive eBook to learn how to make your content work harder. …

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