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  • Media Post: How Sticky Are Your Emails?

    … Many of the marketing emails that your customers are skimming through each day are unremarkable — forgotten as soon are they’re closed, if they’re opened at all. But there are best practices to make sure your emails aren’t among the dreaded forgetables. Media Post featured an article by Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma that offers tips to ensure your emails are “sticky” according to six principles laid out in Chip and Dan Heath’s book, “Made to Stick.” Read more at Media Post. …

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  • Founder Stories: A Session with Vivek Sharma

    … Every startup has a story. Some are longer than others, but at their core they all contain a ‘lightbulb’ idea, lots of hard work, and a dynamic individual (or individuals) who keep the dream alive. Our co-founder and CEO, Vivek Sharma, has long been active in the Lean Startups Meetup (which has now become the Founder Stories Meetup). This Meetup…

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  • Lessons from Movable Ink’s CEO, Vivek Sharma

    … Vivek Sharma, Movable Ink’s CEO, recently had a Q&A interview with Idea Mensch, where he discussed everything from the worst job he ever had to books he would recommend to entrepreneurs. In the interview, Vivek touches on how he and co-founder Michael Nutt originally came up with the idea for Movable Ink, how he stays productive, and why…

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