A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog /ˈvlɒɡ/ is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. The vlog category is popular on YouTube.Video logs (vlogs) also often take advantage of web syndication to allow for the distribution of video over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for automatic aggregation and playback on mobile devices and personal computers (See video podcast).
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  • Top 5 Most Influential Female Saudi Arabia Creators on YouTube

    … Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has truly become a vehicle for creators from all over the world to publish engaging, entertaining, and informative content, express their opinions, and reach an audience that can stretch far beyond national borders. In particular, across the Middle East and North Africa, video content uploaded by female-led…

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  • WheezyWaiter: YouTube Channel Review - Through the 'Reel' Wringer

    … 101 million views. Originally inspired by “the show” by Ze Frank, Craig’s vlog features news, commentary, clones, coffee, eagles, beards, and more all served up with his patented blend of fast talking and cutting. Looking at WheezyWaiter’s views by upload date, we see that some of his most popular videos were uploaded in 2010 and 2011. It’s…

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  • Marriott’s content studio is now a film studio, too

    … in September, the studio has been productive: It rolled out a new travel lifestyle vertical in partnership with Medium.com, partnered with entrepreneur and travel vlogger Sonia Gil and comedienne Taryn Southern, launched influencer marketing campaigns on Snapchat and YouTube, and released a number of shorter original videos. Even prior the content…

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  • Bigger Is Not Always Better: The Value of Longtail YouTubers

    … - their subscriber count. In and of itself, a large number of subscribers does not guarantee high engagement or increase in purchase intent. Imagine for a second that you are a children’s toy brand with the option to either hire a Mommy Vlogger with 5M random subscribers, or a smaller Toy Review Channel with 100,000 subscribers that come to watch…

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  • YouTube Makeup Challenges: Huge Traffic, But Not for Brands

    … to see a brand's true footprint. The Octoly system found that 76% of all views about Revlon were from fans like Bubzbeauty – more than 70 million views overall. Brands Are Missing Out on Collaboration Opportunities And, depending on the video or the creator, brands may be missing out on a big trend. In this video Tyler Oakley (5.7 million…

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  • Cosmetics Brands are Missing the YouTube Boat on Halloween

    … Cosmetics brands are continuing to raise their awareness of and engagement with beauty vloggers on YouTube. And yet there are some areas where brands continue to fall short. One clear opportunity is in content curation through YouTube playlists, particularly during tent-pole holidays like Halloween. YouTubers know that they have to get ahead…

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  • The Unboxing of Beauty on YouTube: New Brand-in-a-box Marketing

    The unboxing phenomenon has become an essential tool in the marketing of cosmetics and beauty products. For those unfamiliar with the format, unboxing videos are when YouTubers share the unpackacking of a special product or group of products. Unboxing videos are one of several formats native to YouTube that have grown up along with the YouTube generation.

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  • Blogging vs. Vlogging: How to Choose What’s Right For You

    … themselves through the two mediums. For many well-known bloggers and vloggers, it is their primary source of income, and way of making a living. You can see for yourself how the top vloggers attract huge numbers of views and subscribers on their YouTube channels. However, how does one decide on the perfect medium to convey their thoughts…

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  • How YouTube Influencers are Driving Sigma Beauty’s Success

    … Is it possible to promote an e-commerce business almost exclusively through YouTube and social media? Well yes, just ask Sigma Beauty. The cosmetics company was founded just five years ago, yet grew to $25 million in sales last year. How did Sigma come so far, so fast, in such a competitive field? Well, they did it by creating innovative…

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  • Forget Viral! How Industry Dynamics Drive YouTube Performance

    … are faring. The answer was they weren't faring so well at all, especially against 'amateur' YouTube creators In the beauty business, 'share of voice' is huge because it indicates how much of a presence you have in the market. On YouTube, beauty brands have a tiny 'share of voice' compared to unbranded and unaffiliated beauty vloggers. How tiny…

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  • It’s Date Night – Will YouTube Beauty Vloggers Be Wearing Maybelline or MAC?

    … You may have heard of top beauty vloggers like Michelle Phan, but there are tens of thousands of other women on YouTube who are also making videos about similar topics. These videos can range anywhere from a few views to millions of views. In a recent Octoly study, we compiled data on , categorizing them by brands and mentions across 117,000…

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