• Infographic: The Science of Brand Voice

      Whenever I talk to brand marketers, I always make sure to ask them one question: How is your content different than what your competitors create? It’s a simple ask, but I’ve noticed that people have trouble answering it. And a lot of them sound the same. They mention things like truly caring about the customers and using an authentic voice.

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    • A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist

      As of today, 40,427 people have the title of content strategist on LinkedIn. Another 1,389 open roles await the right candidate. And according to recent research from The Creative Group, content strategists currently hold one of the top-paying jobs in the tech and creative fields. Strategists typically earn between $81,000 and $115,000, a jump of more than 5 percent from last year.

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  • Why Consumers Want Brands to Take a Stand on Social Issues

    … Rob Holzer remembers the first time he came to Cannes six years ago after starting Matter Unlimited, an agency focusing on ad campaigns that drive positive social change. “People would sort of just tilt their head nicely and be like, “Oh. That’s nice,” Holzer recalls. “But, like, how are you guys going to make any money?” Since then, Matter…

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  • How Huge Founder Aaron Shapiro Measures the ROI of Design

    … Six years ago, I launched a site to cover the intersection of advertising and technology in New York. One of my first profiles was on Huge—a small, red-hot Dumbo design agency that had designed a mobile streaming app called HBO Go. This past summer, I caught back up with Huge founder Aaron Shapiro, who has since turned his small shop into a full…

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  • Emergency Alert: We Need to Rethink Content Strategy

    … Netflix drives how we think about so much: dating, friendship, introversion, internet memes. But I’m a total dork, so when I think of Netflix, the first thing I focus on is content strategy. In a book I co-wrote with Contently founder Shane Snow that’s being published this fall 1, we write about Netflix’s foray into original programming. In 2011…

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  • Candid Feedback and the Future of the Freelance Marketplace

    … in line.) AirBnB’s ratings system is a mandatory component to build trust with their customers. So why don’t we see similar ratings in creative industries? Wouldn’t more feedback help ensure quality in a marketplace economy? When selecting someone for creative work, it’s rare to find data that helps an employer or buyer know what to expect. Sure…

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  • Attention Editors: We Need to Fix the Pitching Process

    … Every few months, I pitch a story to an editor I’ve known since last year. This editor seems like a good guy. He’s pleasant, thoughtful with feedback, understanding if I ask for an extension. We even trade some personal banter once in a while. But whenever I send over the pitch, he never gets back to my first email. I always have to follow up…

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  • 3 Content Marketing World Sessions That’ll Make You Better at Your Job

    … In a few weeks, Contently is heading to Cleveland for Content Marketing World. We’re excited to explain more about how we’re helping brands deliver measurable brand impact and business outcomes. We’re also looking forward to hearing from some of the brightest marketing minds out there. As CMW gets closer, I wanted to share three sessions that I’m…

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  • The Future of Content Marketing Isn’t Content Marketing

    … Let’s talk about the content marketing industry’s favorite chart. We love this chart! It pops up in about 75 percent of all content marketing talks, showing the explosive growth in searches for “content marketing” this decade. I use it in three different presentations. It’s basically our industry’s version of the “Everything is Awesome” theme…

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  • Our 9 Favorite Pieces of Marketing Wisdom

    … working on: What are the right choices within the three-sixty? That model then dictates what’s the right content for us to leverage. Content can’t exist in a silo. Not surprisingly, LEGO has the right idea: Content must be an integrated, strategic process that includes the entire marketing organization. Seth Godin, writer and marketing guru I…

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  • Connecting the Dots: How to Raise Your Search Rankings With Internal Linking

    … Imagine you’re playing soccer. You’ve trained for years, now finally at the peak of your powers as you confidently march toward the title. Then, with the score tied in the championship, the ball falls to you just yards from the goal. But instead of knocking it in to rapturous applause, you scuff your opportunity, doomed to watch your biggest…

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