Warez are copyrighted works distributed without fees or royalties, and may be traded, in general violation of copyright law. Warez are generally unauthorized releases by organized groups, as opposed to file sharing between friends or large groups of people with similar interest using a darknet. Warez are not usually commercial software counterfeiting. Warez was initially coined by members of the various computer underground circles, but has since become commonplace among Internet users and the mass media.The word warez is a leetspeak plural form of ware, short for computer software.
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  • What are crackers?

    … to call themselves Hackers, they typically have neither significant programming ability nor experience with UNIX or other true multi-user systems. They have been hiding underground inside IRC chat rooms learning from the real hackers and building their own community. Under 10 years they have been watching and learning from real hackers and ”some…

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