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  • 5 Reasons SEO Should Take a Back Seat With Website Content

    … It makes sense at times to produce content without worrying too much about the SEO aspects. (Please know it isn’t easy for me, an SEO professional, to write that.) Some SEO purists suggest that website content be optimized at all times. It’s inevitable that someone – or a team – will follow an internal process and think about the content…

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  • Creating Websites The Easy Way

    … If creating websites is part of your job, you want to do it the easiest way possible. I’ve recently become a fan of template-based website-creation tool Squarespace. After using it, I was so impressed I transferred my writing classes website to the platform. My reasons included: ease of use, as well as easy commerce. By the way, I have…

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  • Content Ideas: Easy Types Of Content

    … At least once a week, a client complains that they’re all out of content ideas. I created a quick mind map of easy types of content for them. The map usually sparks lots of fresh ideas, and inspiration. They realize that they have content which can be repurposed. You have more content than you think you do Often, all unknowing, a client has…

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  • Simple Content Marketing: 4 Tips for Success

    … challenge is getting traction and visibility. When you band together with others, their audience and your audience combine. Collaboration can work to generate publicity too. Here’s an easy way. Make a friendly competition public, for the public good. Have a competition to see which company can raise most money for a worthy cause. Or raise money…

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  • 5 Ways to Energize Content Marketing in 2015

    … in on your ideal customer, not only does content creation become easier, it will also attract that customer. 2. Remember email: give it the attention it deserves In the early days of the Web, email was all there was. Gradually, companies stopped paying attention to email. Consider this. It’s very easy to create a series of email messages. Add…

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  • Content Creation Or Content Curation: Which Is Better?

    Everyone’s doing content now; companies are becoming publishers. This question comes up continually: content creation or content curation? Content curation is cheaper, the thinking goes, but which is better? (BTW, thinking that content curation is cheaper is incorrect.) Bottom line: it’s what your budget allows. It’s also what your marketing plan requires.

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  • Slideshare Trick: Your Deck As a Gif

    … to get more mileage out of your presentations. Oh — here’s the real presentation. The gif is too fast to read. However, it does get attention. It’s a way of pepping up your social media content very simply. Kindle Fiction: Write Hot-Selling Short Stories from Angela Booth Join Angela on Google+, and on Twitter: @angee. You can find Angela on Pinterest, and on YouTube, too. The post Slideshare Trick: Your Deck As a Gif appeared first on Angela Booth's Creativity Factory. …

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  • Content Marketing Done Cleverly and Well

    … Bored with content marketing? Me too. Then something comes along and gives you fresh inspiration, not only because it’s done so well, but also because it’s so clever. Mind you, it probably helps that I’m such a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. :-) In her article, What’s the Formula for E-book Success? Ann Handley says: One of the tenets of my…

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