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  • 5 Reasons SEO Should Take a Back Seat With Website Content

    …. Walmart ranks first for many keyword phrases (I found hundreds in a search with the robust SEMrush tool). I hope members of the retailer’s marketing team realize when they control the top spots, such as “55 inch TV” that’s searched an estimated 40,500 times a month on Google. That way they can target new keyword phrases with their new content…

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  • Creating Websites The Easy Way

    … If creating websites is part of your job, you want to do it the easiest way possible. I’ve recently become a fan of template-based website-creation tool Squarespace. After using it, I was so impressed I transferred my writing classes website to the platform. My reasons included: ease of use, as well as easy commerce. By the way, I have…

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  • Content Ideas: Easy Types Of Content

    … a mass of content that’s able to be repurposed. Product manuals, for example. Yes, I know that sounds dry and horrid, but if you’ve ever searched online for a product manual for a stove or a washer, you know that generally all you’ll find is a bunch of scraper websites. (Why Google allows this kind of junk is beyond me. It’s beyond frustrating to wade…

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  • Simple Content Marketing: 4 Tips for Success

    … adjust your plans. 1. Promote your content: online and offline With some 30 million pieces of content flowing onto the Web each day, the days when you could publish a blog post and sit back and relax, are long gone. Luckily content’s easy to promote. We’ll look at ways to promote content in another blog post. Make your own list of how you’ll promote…

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  • 5 Ways to Energize Content Marketing in 2015

    … 2015 is a bright new year. Will this be the year that you make content marketing work for your business? If you feel that your strategies aren’t working as well as they should, let’s look at some ways you can energize your efforts. 1. Consider your readers: your ideal customers Too many companies try to create “viral” content which goes nowhere…

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  • Slideshare Trick: Your Deck As a Gif

    If you use Slideshare, you may like this clever trick: Gifdeck turns your decks into gifs. Just go to Slideshare and get the URL for your deck, and paste it into Gifdeck. Within a few seconds, it’s created a gif for you. You can add the gif anywhere you’d like — into a blog post, or into Twitter, or even into an email message. It’s an easy way to get more mileage out of your presentations.

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  • Content Marketing Done Cleverly and Well

    … Bored with content marketing? Me too. Then something comes along and gives you fresh inspiration, not only because it’s done so well, but also because it’s so clever. Mind you, it probably helps that I’m such a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. :-) In her article, What’s the Formula for E-book Success? Ann Handley says: One of the tenets of my…

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