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Not to be confused with offline reader. For the search engine of the same name, see WebCrawler.A Web crawler is an Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing. A Web crawler may also be called a Web spider, an ant, an automatic indexer, or (in the FOAF software context) a Web scutter.Web search engines and some other sites use Web crawling or spidering software to update their web content or indexes of others sites' web content. Web crawlers can copy all the pages they visit for later processing by a search engine that indexes the downloaded pages so that users can search them much more quickly.
Posts about Web Crawler
  • Site Audit: Indexing Tips & Tricks with Screaming Frog [VIDEO]

    … and type in /robots.txt. Not sure what a robots.txt file is? “A robots.txt file is a text file that stops web crawler software, such as Googlebot, from crawling certain pages of your site. The file is essentially a list of commands, such Allow and Disallow, that tell web crawlers which URLs they can or cannot retrieve. So, if a URL is disallowed…

    Tori Cushing/ AuthorityLabs- 49 readers -
  • The Early Days of the Semantic Web

    … about the HTML web, we think of a web filled with web pages, with pictures, with videos, and other documents that a web crawler such as Googlebot might crawl, and use things such as links between them, and the relevance of words that appear upon them or with them or pointing to them (in anchor text) to rank in search results, and to help us find…

    Bill Slawski/ SEO by the Seain SEO Google- 23 readers -
  • Using Query User Data to Classify Queries

    … usually store information about pages on the Web by visiting many pages, where they retrieve information from the pages with a web crawler that follows hyperlinks from those pages. The web crawler grabs the content of those pages, and it is analyzed to index the pages, looking at words from page titles, page headings, page contents, alt text…

    Bill Slawski/ SEO by the Seain SEO Google- 19 readers -
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