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    • 5 Important Tips to Improve Website User Experience

      When considering website design, it’s easy to get caught up in aesthetic concerns. But if your website has a purpose beyond just looking pretty, it’s important to focus on more than appearances. Here are five key ways to provide your website’s visitors with a great user experience, so that they’ll stick around instead of leaving in frustration. 1.

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  • Cheap Blog Design Hacks for Non-Designers

    … You could argue that when it comes to writing, the essence is far more important than the presentation. But although this principle might work for textbooks and novels, it won’t for online blogs. Keep in mind that design is a major factor in user experience. Design affects the growth of your readership. Unless you are a popular person…

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  • How to Find Perfect Custom Graphic Designs at Designhill

    … How to Find Perfect Custom Graphic Designs at Designhill January 14, 2016 By Gail Gardner Leave a Comment Images are what make content stand out online and in print. Logos are essential to making your brand memorable. But what do you do if you aren’t a graphic artist? Fortunately, there are platforms that make it easy to find the perfect…

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  • What Star Wars Can Teach Marketers About Design [Infographic]

    … With the new Star Wars movie scheduled to hit theatres on December 18th, I figured it would make a great opportunity to finally sit down and plough through the movies. That’s right, I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies before. When I popped on Episode 4: A New Hope, I have to admit I was not blown away by the story or by the acting…

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  • 5 Essential Infographic Design Tips For Content Marketers

    … Content marketers of 2015 have to keep up with a substantial amount of work. There is an ongoing demand for original and quality content that engages one’s audience, and in the past few years, the infographic has become one of the leading forms of content for user engagement. In fact, according to Google Trends, by November of 2016, infographics…

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  • How Social Media Can Turn Your Business Around

    … that, and that’s where they are dropping the revenue ball—big time. Share it! Sure, social media is time consuming. Ten years ago business owners said they didn’t need a website and they are out of business now. So saying social isn’t important is repeating history and insanity. Everyone NEEDS to do social media. It’s not optional anymore. Where Do…

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  • First Class Hosting Services From Register.Com

    … If you’re looking to get your official company website up and running, you’ll need to secure the services of a first class domain hosting expert. The sooner you get your website online, the sooner you can begin expanding your potential customer base from a purely local public to a truly international audience. To do it, you’ll need to get your…

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  • Custom Web Design or an Online Website Builder? Choose Both!

    … as the option to choose custom web design. That way if you get stuck, their designers can finish for you! There should also be features that help you easily connect with your customers, such as a business email address. Storage is important, as is a free stock image library, as making your site attractive is one of the best ways to not only attract…

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  • Color Makes a Lasting Impression in Logo Design [Infographic]

    … When it comes to designing a logo, color makes the biggest splash. Although most people can easily recite a list of colors they love along with colors they detest, your logo design needs to go beyond personal preferences. Instead, think of you design from the perspective of your intended audience. Consider how you want potential customers…

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  • Why and How to Select Keywords and Where to Use Them

    … of “mechanic” target Dallas mechanic, mobile mechanic Dallas and Dallas car repair If you sell Gazebos only in Texas, while you might target “gazebo” you’ll have more success using Texas Gazebos, Gazebos Waco, Gazebos TX and TX Gazebos – This business had a Web site with pages that targeted locations and specific types of gazebos and even misspelled…

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  • 5 Must-Have Tips for Great Web Design

    … – and without a second thought, remove any that don’t. 3) Ask a colleague or friend to go over your website for grammatical errors, even if you’ve already done so. A fresh set of eyes may spot the one glaring error your tired eyes managed to overlook. Some of the companies that offer web design and hosting services may also offer proofreading…

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  • Web Design Tips: 6 Steps for Establishing a Great Working Relationship with your Designer.

    …. Instead of using catchy buzzwords as instruction (for example: wow factor), describe exactly what you are looking for. Establish Realistic Time Frames Before beginning the project, you and the designer need to agree on realistic time frames. Don’t come to the designer last minute with a poster or brochure that you need to print in two days. You…

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  • How to Build a Free Online Business Site or Family Holiday Card

    …, it is easy using a free website builder like IMCreator. By using one of the free templates you don’t have to know much about design. The layout is done for you. Just click on anything you want to change. For images, click the image and then ‘Replace Pic’. Here are some ideas for building a fun site for free: Click image to see full size example…

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  • Five Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Website Design

    … into the website design and start getting the desired results: Incorporate a Call to Action One of the most successful methods of converting traffic into actual customers is presenting them with an effective call to action (CTA). Each page of a website should have one or more ‘CTAs’ that direct visitors to the next step of the process. Use CTAs to point them…

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  • Why Phillip Dews @BrumPW Is Giving Away a Custom WordPress Theme

    Installing MaxCDN on a custom WordPress site to speed it up My Life as a Blogger and Why I am Giving Something Back Here I am tucked up in bed for the third day running suffering with the flu. Yet I am overjoyed. Why you may ask? Well Gail Gardner from GrowMap reached out to me this morning on Skype and Twitter asking if I would like to write a guest post on her blog.

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  • Web Start Today – Online Design Studio for Professionals

    … The market for code free website builders is growing at a brisk pace. Site builders have come a long way since their early days where they would restrict you as a designer. We are seeing an increasing number of site builders that allow you to express your creativity. Web Start Today is one such tool that is being used by professional designers…

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