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A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.
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  • 14 Data Visualization Tools to Tell Better Stories with Numbers

    … in our previous blog post “6 more studies prove Digital Marketing ROI” was created with Piktochart. MULTIPURPOSE Google Charts is the seminal charting solution for much of the web. It’s highly flexible and has an excellent set of developer tools behind it. It’s an especially useful tool for specialist visualizations such as geocharts and gauges…

    {grow}- 24 readers -
  • How to Revive Your Social Media Campaign

    … was all over the place. They had accounts everywhere you could think of, from Facebook to Myspace, Pinterest to Photobucket. Most of them hadn’t been touched in well over a year. Only their Instagram page seemed to have any reasonable following, mostly due to one photographically minded employee. Step 2: Fixing the Mistakes of the Previous Social…

    Eric Sornoso/ Search Engine Journalin Social How To's- 9 readers -
  • 6 Lifesavers for Bloggers

    … make your blogging career a little easier. Get them on your side, and on your payroll, to maximize your earnings. There are new freelance opportunities popping up everywhere, and The Guardian is reporting on some of them, but did you know that freelance bloggers are the perfect match for other freelancers? “Freelancing” is an industry in itself…

    Noemi Tasarra Twigg/ The Blog Heraldin Affiliate SEO- 8 readers -
  • New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

    … resolutions, like those above, but you should also add in business specific resolutions and goals to help keep you on track in the coming new year. Inc has listed 5 entrepreneur specific resolutions to get you started: 1. Improve your SEO - ”Since Google is constantly making updates to its algorithm, you’re never “done” with SEO. You may want…

    Caitlynn Cush/ Scoopin Affiliate SEO- 8 readers -
  • 4 Steps to a Profitable Business

    … Building a profitable business should be a goal for every entrepreneur! Are you ready for the New Year? 2015 is on the horizon and I’m getting really excited! I love December! It’s a time to start thinking about fresh new ideas! It’s also a time to right some wrongs and have a new start. I want to share 4 great tips with you to help you start…

    Tammy Hawk Bridges/ Perfect Marketing Equation- 15 readers -
  • Setting Up Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy

    … to walk you through the steps to figuring all this out. We are going to answer the question, ‘What is SEM?’ and discuss how paid search fits within your digital strategy. Website Considerations First, do you have a website? If you do, just check out questions 1-3 below and make sure you are considering each. If not, let’s first discuss some…

    Hayley Cummings/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 5 readers -
  • Want to Launch Your Book With a Bang? Then You Need This.

    … Want to start marketing your book in less than 10 minutes? I’ve asked Ben De Rienzo, co-founder and designer at Booklaunch.io, to share his expert tips and insights on how writers can use this one simple tool to build buzz and drive their book sales–and it can be set up in minutes. Want to know what it is? Keep reading! You’ve worked hard…

    Kimberley Grabas/ Your Writer Platformin Social- 27 readers -
  • Openings and New Hires at Belly, UBL, WorldNow, and FreshLime

    … Bean – FreshLime The former chief strategy officer at Deluxe Corp recently threw in the towel at the company known for putting puppies and kittens on checks to become the new CEO at FreshLime. Besides making me crave a mojito, FreshLime is a small business marketing automation platform that offers DIY and DIFM options. Since Jay was most recently…

    Kelly Benish/ Street Fightin SEO Twitter- 18 readers -
  • Stopping Spam for Good or How to Spam-proof Your Website Forms

    … like a full time job; as a small business owner you don’t have time for it. There are lots of ways to help prevent spam (including the honey pot technique, which we previously covered). They all seem to cut down on the spam, but do any of them stop the spam for good? As a web developer, the best approach is to use multiple techniques. WARNING…

    Kim Perry/ Dex Mediain Google How To's- 10 readers -
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