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  • 6 Ways to Create Killer Webinars That Will Ignite Your Business

    … Clément Delangue has many reasons to be proud of himself. He worked for eBay at the age of 17, being one of the first professional sellers from France. And after being the co-founder of various startups, including VideoNot.es and UniShared, he is now the chief marketing officer of Mention, one of the top social media marketing tools…

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  • HTTP/2: Electric Boogaloo

    …. There are a handful of servers who are supporting this such as Apache, NGINX and IIS (Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 only at this time). Will HTTP/2 work with HTTP/1 and HTTP/1.1? Absolutely. It is the client (web browser) that suggests protocol, not the web server. If the client says they can use HTTP/2, the web server will respond…

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  • Amazon Text Ads Program to be Discontinued

    … Almost as soon as it was officially launched, the Amazon Text Ads program is being discontinued. According to an email advertisers received this afternoon, Amazon will shut down their text ad program effective October 31st, 2015, the same day that they will discontinue Amazon Product Ads. When originally announced on August 11th this year…

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  • Merkle|RKG and the Boys & Girls Club Cycling Challenge

    … marketer hat, 291 miles for 9 adult cyclists pales in comparison to the nearly 500 miles the kid’s teams rode. Looks like our corporate team has some serious goal setting to do before 2016! Related: Merkle | RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q4 2014 Released We’re pleased to announce today’s release of Merkle | RKG’s Q4 2014 Digital Marketing…

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  • Considerations for Paid Search Budget, Holiday 2015 and Beyond

    … Every way you slice it, digital is growing relative to offline, and mobile is growing relative to desktop. The National Retail Federation shows Ecommerce share of retail sales at 7%, doubling since 2008. Our most recent Quarterly Digital Marketing Report shows smartphone paid search clicks up 35% year over year for Q2, while desktop and tablet…

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  • Video: Standing Out in a Crowded PPC Landscape

    … Video: Standing Out in a Crowded PPC Landscape posted by Ryan Gibson | September 10, 2015 | leave a comment For most retailers, search is one of the largest drivers of digital traffic and revenue. But the search landscape is more dynamic and crowded than ever. So how do you ensure your brand and your products stand out to potential customers…

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  • 3 URL Tweaks to Get More out of the Google Search Console UI

    …, the “state=” parameter is actually URI encoded to handle the special characters that are included in the URL. So, for example, “[“ becomes “%5B” and “,” becomes “%3B”. This ensures the browser is able to properly understand and render the page. If you choose to look at 90 days’ worth of data with no filters and the “web” type search results…

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  • 12 Reasons I Won’t Buy From Your Website

    … participants mistrusted websites because of these elements. Busy or complex layouts Pop-up advertisements and flamboyant ads Small print that’s hard to read Boring web design/lack of colour Slow website intros and load times Take a look at this example. How do you feel about doing business with Web Marketing Experts now? On the flip…

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  • Targeting Non-English Browsers to Produce Incremental Paid Search Orders

    … For a mature paid search program, it can often be a challenge to find wholly new opportunities for expansion. You can only build out so many new keywords and adjusting bids with different pushes and pulls can only do so much. Targeting browsers with different language settings is one way you can add some truly incremental traffic and order volume…

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