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  • Ad Block Tracking With Google Analytics: Code, Metrics, Reports

    … is that there is such venom in the media (of course the media!) about people who use ad blockers, and an incredible amount of hoopla around how the only reason media is dying is the awful people using ad blockers in their web browsers. The reality is not quite that cut and dry. First, plant me firmly in the column of people who believe that using…

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  • Rock Analytics More: Obsess About Goals And Goal Values!

    … poor. : ( Starting today, let's renounce your citizenship in the land of nogloallandia! It sucks to be there. I can report on pageviews and bounce rates and sessions and all the other lovely metrics we normally obsess about. Or, the foundation of my analysis for this blog can be this: A much richer understanding about the eight things I'm solving…

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  • Excellent Analytics Tip #27: Chase Smart Calculated Metrics!

    … calculated metrics, I can fix this problem easily… We are using Formatting Type: Integer. Makes sense. You don't have to type in all that stuff you see in the Formula field. In my case, I just started typing the name of the book and GA does the rest for me. Brilliant. Here's the complete formula: {{Web Analytics 2.0 (Goal 8 Completions…

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  • Great Storytelling With Data: Visualize Simply And Focus Obsessively

    … attribution models. Yes, there is more stuff on the slide. But, it works much, much better. If you have an audience that is even slightly connected to the digital business, and not Leaders who look at the digital data just once very two years, then you can actually go all out and truly how how users behave on the web… While there is a lot more stuff…

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  • Do you know how to calculate your conversion rate?

    …, publishing, text analytics, and web metrics, who regularly makes speaking appearances. Mike's previous appearances include ClickZ Live, RKG Summit, Ticket Summit, Webdagene, the CiTE conference, and the Forrester Marketing Conference. Mike also founded and writes for Biznology, is the co-author of the best-selling Search Engine Marketing, Inc., and sole author of Do It Wrong Quickly, named by the Miami Herald as one of the 11 best business books of 2007. …

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  • See, Think, Do, Care Wining Combo: Content + Marketing + Measurement!

    There have been tons and tons of implementations around the world of my wonderfully profitable See-Think-Do-Care business framework. This is immensely gratifying. Over the last year, I've also worked with many companies to drive new and rapid innovation in their digital strategies using the framework. In the process, I've learned a whole lot more, evolved my thinking and refined the nuances.

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  • Data Visualization Inspiration: Analysis To Insights To Action, Faster!

    … epidemic and the sadder still inaction by governments (like ours). The work of the New York Times team inspired me it to do some predictive modeling for inaction in our world of digital marketing. Ebola is an extremely serious topic, and I do not mean to trivialize it in any way by using it in the context of learning a digital analytics lesson…

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