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  • How to Drive eCommerce Sales Without Discounting [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … During the holiday shopping season, everyone seems to turn into Santa Clause. An infographic from Slant states that “nearly 2/3 of the top 1,000 e-retailers offered discounts” last year. Frankly, I’m more than a little surprised that it was only two thirds. Offering discounts during the holidays kind of seems like a given. Everyone does it from…

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  • Reaching Millennial Generation C: 5 Ways to Connect and Convert

    … customers engaged right away, asking them to “vote” on clothing items they were considering carrying. They established a “style gallery” on their site and their Facebook page that features actual customers “modeling” their clothing. The photos are all submitted by happy purchasers, and others are encouraged to comment on the clothing items and to engage…

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  • How to Use Emotional Triggers to Increase Conversions

    … Mary Rose Maguire is the managing partner (with her husband) of Maguire Copywriting. Before she began her own copywriting agency, she produced copy in various corporate industries for over 25 years. The bulk of her copywriting experience has been produced for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B). She found that her clients had a terrible…

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  • Build a Landing Page with a 50% Conversion Rate [Webinar]

    … Talking about landing pages that convert is one of a Conversion Scientist’s favorite conversation topics. It’s even something that plays a huge part in their dating lives, and one of Conversion Scientist Brian Massey’s most popular presentations is still the Chemistry of the Landing Page. Your Conversion Rate Will Make or Break Your Campaigns…

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  • The Cognitive Biases that Infest Your Website Redesign

    … Scientist Podcast: Download (Duration: 9:19 — 8.5MB) If you enjoyed this, please leave a review on iTunes! Of these, the most fascinating has to be the Pro-innovation Bias. You can see its influence all over the web. This is the bias that makes us choose to do something because it’s new, cool or innovative. In the 1990s, we had GIF animations…

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  • 9 Website Optimization Mistakes Even Smart Agencies Make

    Marketers have always relied on testing. But let’s be honest. It’s probably only in the last few years that they’ve begun discussing conversion rates rather than golf scores over a beer. The Austin #CRO community is a dedicated bunch: @peeplaja @jtrondeau @mercertweets @bmassey The level of measurement and testing that we now have wasn’t even possible in the “old” days.

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  • Dear America, Don’t Worry About Mobile Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … role in our international economy, its number of mobile shoppers compared to other countries is to be expected, and the rest of Asia isn’t far behind. Asian users are dominating the mobile marketplace We’ve spent a lot of time talking about why we like adaptive web design (AWD) better than responsive web design (RWD) for mobile websites…

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  • What are some strategies for reducing bounce rate?

    … This is a common question, and requires an understanding of the definitions of bounce rate.” The bounce rate is a bit slippery and requires some examination. The intention of measuring the bounce rate is to figure out how many of your visitors are leaving almost immediately after arriving at your site. This metric provides for a lot of error…

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  • Seasonal Online Retailers’ Optimization Habits

    … of the site and content. There are a number of questions to be raised from this data. Do they not have the budget because they don’t invest in website optimization, or do they have fewer tools because they don’t have the budget? We believe that the lessons learned here can be applied to any online retail business with seasonal sales. Download…

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  • How to Create a Hypothesis List: Making a Dating Profile Rock

    … As a Conversion Scientist, I used my background in Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Pages to create the first draft of my OkCupid profile, the landing page of me. I utilized the chemistry of a successful landing page formula to make sure I hit all the known conversion points. OkCupid’s setup will limit me in the type of test I do. We’ll…

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  • Headlines: 14 Ways to Make Them Amazing

    … the promise made by the link, ad or email that brought the visitor to the page in the first place. The promise of a Web Trial seems broken by an ignored landing page headline. If you’re goal is to get a visitor to call, put the phone number in the headline. Eight Pages, Five Graphs and Charts, One Case Study. Online Conversion Optimization…

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  • The Conference Where it’s OK to Get Emotional

    … Does it pay to criticize Google? Probably not. But Brian Massey thinks that Google is doing website owners a disservice by almost forcing them to move to responsive web design (RWD) to support a “mobile friendly” website. Here, Brian says “It’s an irresponsible policy for many reasons.” In private, he says Google is scaring businesses…

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