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  • How to plan a profitable webinar

    … This year, I’ve been doing a lot of speaking online and it’s mostly been about webinars. That’s because I’m so high on webinars as a tool for getting your word out to the world and also for selling products and services. I’m sure you’ve attended many webinars and wondered how the entrepreneur got so many people to attend and to buy. Many 6…

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  • 3 ways to increase visitor engagement

    … You want more traffic, but you also want to keep readers on your website as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more chance there is that they’ll subscribe or buy. But engagement is worth more than that. The search engines look at how long your visitors stay and rank you accordingly in search results. That’s because they think viewers…

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  • Anatomy of a free affiliate arrangement

    An effective way to partner with someone is to offer unlimited future commissions in return for sending people to your website to get some free bonuses. Why is this type of affiliate arrangement so effective? Lots of people will sign up for the free products, because they don’t have to buy anything. This makes the technique a powerful way to grow your list.

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  • Create free Buy Now buttons in PowerPoint

    … Do you need a great Buy Now button that people will want to click? Or perhaps you need an Add to Cart, Download, or Subscribe button. Get step-by-step instructions for creating your own button in PowerPoint in this 6-minute video. After you create your button, you may need to resize it. You can do that in any image editing software. You can…

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  • Increase sign-ups by customizing your Submit button

    …: You can even create multiple objects. Just select them all, right-click and choose Save as Picture. Here you see an example of an arrow and a rounded rectangle. Then, you need to upload the image to your web server. That’s easy too. In your Dashboard, click Media, Add New and browse to the file you saved. Then click the Edit link and you’ll see…

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  • Increase your website traffic with this simple technique

    …/analytics and set up an account. If you have an HTML site, you need to add code that you get from Google’s site on each page. But for a WordPress website, you use a plug-in. (Read about how to install a plug-in here.) There are a number of good plug-ins but I’m happy with Analyticator. Follow the instructions to set it ip — it’s easy to set up…

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