Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. Since the mid-1990s, web traffic has been the largest portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to see which parts or pages of their site are popular and if there are any apparent trends, such as one specific page being viewed mostly by people in a particular country. There are many ways to monitor this traffic and the gathered data is used to help structure sites, highlight security problems or indicate a potential lack of bandwidth not all web traffic is welcome.
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  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Website Externally Monitored

    … customers, not displayed ads, and so forth. 3. You will verify the quality of your hosting provider's services Don't rely solely on your hosting provider or web agency that looks after your website. First, not every failure is a failure, according to the provider or agency. For example, if a server is working properly, a website that doesn't display…

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