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  • CEI 105: Newsjacking with David Meerman Scott

    … Breaking news is all around us in our everyday lives, but we don’t always think of using breaking news in our business. That’s where David Meerman Scott comes in. David has written ten books in the last 12 years, mostly centered around online marketing, sales, and content creation. He’s also the person who defined the term “newsjacking” and made…

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  • 42 Ways To Scare Off Your Customers With Bad Website Design

    …. This is bad for readability and for search engine optimization (SEO). You can have a downloadable pdf version available as an option, but make sure you convert your pdf’s to web-friendly formats, such as posting them on a page or making them into a blog post. Trap #8: Animation Really, folks, the days of dancing dogs on a star-spangled background…

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  • 5 Reasons Media Publicity Will Grow Your Email List Faster

    You’ve been busy perfecting your blog posts and content marketing. By now perhaps you have realized that all content – even great content – is not created equal. Publicity and media mentions can elevate all your posts into the best type of content possible, and grow your email opt-ins even faster. Here’s why. We are in what’s called a reputation economy, where the currency is trust.

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  • October Best of the Web: Launch Your Learning

    …) - 26 soundbites from top marketers. Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success (LinkedIn) – Coffee-loving workaholics are not going to like the latest research: we actually do better work – and are kinder people – without caffeine. NB 011 – Eleven insights that changed my life (Nathan Barry) – In this podcast, Nathan share the top 11 tips…

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  • Google’s Changing: 4 Inbound Marketing Practices to Retain Your Ranking

    …! Their blog “The Whole Story” is constantly updated with healthy recipes, controversial food issues, contests, and company info, creating an environment for customer engagement, whether they need diet advice or ideas for fun party hors d’oeuvres. Practice #4: Show Google Some Love Finally, it should be no surprise that Google loves all things Google. Invest…

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