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  • Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Business

    … Everybody’s a critic, especially now that it is easier than ever for customers to voice opinion online. However, how many of those online reviews are genuine? There is no doubt that in this new age run by technology, online reviews can either help or harm businesses of all types and sizes. Although some business owners may not believe online…

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  • 2016’s Top Trending SEO Strategies for Hotels

    … your hotel can improve its mobile site. Subscribe These are just a few of 2016’s top trending SEO strategies for hotels. Staying up-to-date is crucial, yet finding the time to do research can be difficult. We recommend you sign up for our newsletter, so that the right information comes to you! The post 2016’s Top Trending SEO Strategies for Hotels appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • 3 Tips For Creating Your Best Hotel Mobile Website

    … for dinner to be served. Find the right balance between optimizing your page yet keeping the visual appeal in tact. Go over your code and remove any unused Javascript. As well as keeping the HTML/CSS code as concise as possible. Tip 3: The visual appeal of your hotel’s mobile website design is crucial. Make all your images larger than normal so…

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  • The Benefits of a Virtual Hotel Tour

    … to look at on your site like a virtual tour will set you apart from the competition. Let your audience know what it’s like to be inside your hotel before they arrive. Show them why they should book a room directly from your hotel’s site. Talk is cheap, but a 3D picture is worth a thousand words; and a possible increase in web traffic. The post The Benefits of a Virtual Hotel Tour appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • Why Some Hotel Websites are Successful

    … In the never ending battle for better direct booking numbers, hoteliers must find ways to outshine their competition and present a powerful image in the eyes of the consumer. How travelers see and identify your hotel is all based on your marketing strategy. The best canvas for marketing is the internet, and more specifically, your hotel website…

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  • The Power of the Hotel Concierge App

    … interaction, hotels have begun working with idea of concierge apps for their guests. According to a study by Tech Impact Report, 60% of travelers stated that they want to be able to check in, order room service, and receive their room keys on their smartphones to save time. Some major hotel chains have already began implementing a mobile concierge…

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  • The Importance of Video Marketing

    … of a hotel and the surrounding location. Travel marketing research states that 60% of travelers watch videos of their destinations before they arrive. Also, 50% of all mobile traffic is dedicated to watching videos. Video is one of the strongest forms of content marketing and marketers know it. Simply placing a video on a landing page is not going…

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  • How Your Website can Compete with OTA’s

    … With OTA’s giving hotels stiff competition for direct bookings, hoteliers have to figure out ways to draw potential guests to their site. Having your link on the first page of Google isn’t enough to convert a visitor to a guest. Remember, travelers visit multiple sites before choosing a hotel, which means that they’re pitting companies against one…

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  • Why You Should Go Mobile Now

    …; the design should be kept simple and easy for consumers to browse through to find any necessary information they need without any complications. In addition to having a mobile-friendly website, hotels should provide more than just a mobile-friendly website in order to make everything more mobile-friendly and create a larger appeal to potential…

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  • Content Marketing Done Right: Hotel Edition

    As the new year rolled around, many hotel internet marketing companies featured webinars discussing new strategies that hotels should be implementing for 2015. Of all these new trends mentioned, one of the most necessary themes was that of content marketing and the importance of consistently telling your hotel’s story to the traveler consumer.

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  • How Google Now is Improving Travel

    … are interacting with their smartphones. Using what they call Google Cards, Google Now displays a custom feed of information tailored specifically to the user. Day to day use provides local weather reports, traffic conditions, where you parked your car and new stories relevant to your interests. It pulls this data from the usage of your phone, GPS data…

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  • Understanding the Complexity of the Booking Journey

    … Understanding the path to booking for most traveler shoppers can be very complex especially when it comes to different devices. The path to booking will vary depending on the device a traveler is using and which search engines, OTA or meta search sites they are searching from. It is imperative that hoteliers be aware that consumer behavior shifts…

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