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  • Here’s how web users decide if online content is trustworthy.

    … In the order of importance, the trust factors for online content are: Content Properties. Title, spelling, grammar, style, language and presence of quick answers. Proof. Quotes, links, references and citations. Publisher Reputation. Brand, website or publisher reputation. Author Reputation. Familiarity … The post appeared first…

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  • Advanced New Tail Keyword Research

    … TL;DR Version Show people a photo of your product Ask them what they would type into a search engine if they were looking for it Discover new attributes, concepts and synonyms you haven’t considered before Expand your keyword research by … The post appeared first on DEJAN…

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  • Why do we link to other websites?

    … New research shows that organic links on the web often exist for explicitly promotional reasons. A study of linking behaviour on the web was conducted between May and June 2016 in hope to understand the following: Why web publishers link … The post appeared first on DEJAN. …

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