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  • Meta Tags: Writing Meta Data for Search Results & CTRs

    … beneath the title in the results pages, in social media posts when OGP tags aren’t utilized, and social bookmarking networks use the description tag to auto-populate their results. Both tags live within the section of the HTML code, like this: This code creates what the user sees when he performs a search query, like this: I’ve said (countless…

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  • 4 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Old, Tired Content

    As a writer, I sometimes feel like there are countless topic ideas I could cover. I find myself feverishly jotting down idea after idea after idea. Sadly, that doesn’t happen everyday. There are plenty of times I sit in front of that dreaded blank screen and think to myself, “I swear, I’ve already covered everything I can possible cover. And then some.

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  • 39 Writing Techniques That Drive More Conversions from Your Website Copy

    … outpouring of your words is better than a slow and painful ordeal of overthinking every word. 28. Use short paragraphs. People will read short paragraphs. Long paragraphs? People’s eyes will glaze over. A paragraph that goes longer than five or six lines tends to get short shrift. 29. Tell a story. Stories are a powerful form of communication. Since…

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  • Evergreen Content – Sow the Seeds & Reap the Benefits

    … publish date. Evergreen content is also easy to keep fresh with regular updates—and we know how much Google’s Panda loves to snack on those fresh new chutes. I’ve always said, “Top Google rankings don’t mean a lick if you don’t get that click.” That’s my way of saying that web content has to speak to real people (users) and search engines (algorithms…

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  • 10 Steps to Optimizing Your Web Pages in 2014

    … speed problems: Measure how long a page takes to load. Optimize your website to improve performance. If you are using a shared hosting server, you can try switching to a different hosting provider to see if it makes a positive difference. After making changes, measure performance again. If you use WordPress, make sure you keep plugins…

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