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  • Will You Survive the New PR Era? Here’s 10 Tips

    … PR is changing, and the role of the PR professional is following suit. The PR person isn’t cutting out clippings from the newspapers or writing press release upon press release; in the digital era, the PR person has ceased with some activities, continued with others, and added some new ones. Those new roles, according to Sarah Evans, include…

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  • Attract and Keep Customers with Chris Brogan’s ‘Freaky’ Concepts

    … Businesses want more customers, but they face challenges in attracting and keeping them. Chris Brogan, in his recent Vocus webinar, says that the challenges are three-fold: people are too busy, meaning it’s harder to capture their attention; people are afraid they’ll be treated like numbers; and businesses don’t address internal challenges like…

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  • Improve Sales With Better Lead Nurturing Programs

    … and advisory firm SiriusDecisions takes a deeper dive into those nurturing programs in her recent Vocus webinar. She first identifies the stages of what she calls a “demand waterfall” for those programs: General inquiries. Marketing qualified leads. Sales accepted leads. Sales qualified leads. Closed/won business. Click to enlarge. Want…

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  • What’s the Future of Content Marketing?

    … will share the content and experiences. It’s a phenomenon Schaefer calls “content as currency.” Such content is shared and consumed because it makes people feel smarter, cooler, and more relevant and results in brand awareness growth and new customer acquisitions. Want to connect with customers suffering content fatigue? Stand out with Vocus’ free ‘Beat Content Marketing Overload’ guide. Get it now! Image: Opensource.com, Richard Elzey (Creative Commons) …

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  • Sebastian Turner’s 4 Tips for Successfully Sponsoring Content

    … Twitter is “live, public, and conversational,” says Sebastian Turner in his Vocus webinar about sponsored content. He uses the recent Academy Awards as an example. During the broadcast, 14.7 million tweets were shared. Ellen DeGeneres’ “Samsung Selfie” received 3.4 million retweets. Well-known names weren’t the only ones to participate…

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