Web conferencing refers to a service that allows conferencing events to be shared with remote locations. These are sometimes referred to as webinars or, for interactive conferences, online workshops. In general, the service is made possible by Internet technologies, particularly on TCP/IP connections. The service allows real-time point-to-point communications as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. It offers data streams of text-based messages, voice and video chat to be shared simultaneously, across geographically dispersed locations. Applications for web conferencing include meetings, training events, lectures, or short presentations from any computer.
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    • New AdWords Updates to Finish the Year Strong

      October 2, 2017 It’s that time again – time to go over all the new and improved features you need to be using in Google AdWords! Since the platform is constantly changing and updating, we want to be your go-to resource when you need the ultimate scoop. So, what new features do you need to be focusing on for your best AdWords results? Join Optmyzr’s Fred Vallaeys and Hanap ...

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    • You Heard it Here First: The Exclusive Gmail Ads Updates for 2017

      September 25, 2017 Gmail Ads is about to roll out some amazing new features on their platform this fall and you’ll get the scoop on all of them FIRST on our webinar! We’ll see features to save you time to improve efficiency and some really creative changes that you didn’t even know you needed until now! In this live webinar, join Google’s Tarresha Poindexter and Hanapin’s Diane Anselmo to .

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  • What the State of PPC Report Reveals for 2018

    … Hanapin’s President Jeff Allen as he walks through what we found in our State of PPC Report for 2017-2018 and where the industry is going. In this webinar, you’ll learn: Will smaller platforms survive in the coming year? How are marketers feeling about the industry? The efficiency of PPC channels and how they rank Presented by: Jeff Allen …

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  • What Will 2018 Hold for Social?

    … social dollars into. In this webinar, join AdStage’s JD Prater and Hanapin’s Steve Burnett as they look into the next year and show you what to look forward to in the social advertising world. In this webinar, you’ll learn: What’s new in each major platform that you need to pay attention to How artificial intelligence will affect social media in the coming year The strategies you can use to get ahead of your competition in 2018 Presented by: JD Prater Steve Burnett …

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  • Data Insights and Strategies for Irresistible Ad Copy

    … webinar, Hanapin’s Lauren Rosner and Wordstream’s Mark Irvine have a conversation about ad copy to give you new approaches and tips that will drive better results for your company. They’ll even provide some case studies for inspiration. In this webinar, you’ll get expert tips like: How to use data and results to write better copy How to better utilize mobile ad copy and ad customizers Writing ad copy for different types of audiences Presented by: Mark Irvine Lauren Rosner …

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  • Optimizing Display Advertising in an Omni-Channel World

    … September 18, 2017 Display advertising keeps evolving. To increase ROI, you must stay on top of the latest omni-channel strategies around attribution, audience targeting, and conversion optimization. That includes going beyond what happens online and using offline insights from phone calls to drive better results. We’re teaming up…

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  • Leverage Google Shopping for a Blowout Holiday Season

    … September 11, 2017 It’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday shopping strategy. Even months before the holidays, you need to start looking at your traffic from last year, pitching budgets, and analyzing your data to make sure your performance improves this year. And, as the industry is always changing, we have some new…

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  • The PPC Battle: Human vs. Machine

    … teach you how to use it to control your audiences and tune them into where you want them to be. In this new live webinar, Acquisio’s Marc Poirier and Hanapin’s Jeff Baum will discuss what’s happening with AI and machine learning today, tips to use them to your advantage, and what will be happening in the future. You’ll get expert PPC tips like…

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  • Remove the Clutter for a Simple User Experience

    … do you find that balance? In this webinar, VWO’s Tejaswi Raghurama and Hanapin’s Kate Wilcox will show you the value of taking the complexity out of what we can do, and use simple tactics to make your site users want to come back and visit. Join us and you’ll learn: How to know your audience well and leverage that information The best ways to personalize your content without being too overwhelming How to remove the biggest and smallest obstacles for your users Presented by: Tejaswi Raghurama Kate Wilcox …

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  • Join us for Unbounce’s PPC Week!

    … secrets through 12 PPC webinars over five days. Whether you’re a PPC beginner or veteran, simply tune in, take notes and start using your new-found knowledge right away. In addition to other fabulous partners, on Tuesday, August 15th at 2:00 pm EST our Senior Account Analyst Chadd Powell will be sharing some Brilliant Facebook Shortcuts for PPC! And then on Thursday, August 17th at 12:00 pm EST our Account Manager Alaina Thompson will reveal the 10 Must-Haves for PPC Newbies. You don’t want to miss these! …

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  • How to Outpace Your PPC Rivals with Competitor Insights

    … August 7, 2017 You might know that insights into your competitors’ strategies are useful, but did you know you can use them to improve your ad rank? Having a high ad rank can potentially lower your cost per click. As we walk you through how to focus on auction insights, quality score metrics, and competitor strategies, you’ll find that there…

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  • Push Play on Growth: Why You Need YouTube Advertising

    …. In this live webinar, Hanapin experts Kelsey Hadaller and Emma Franks will show you how to set up the different types of Youtube campaigns, how to find results with different verticals, and how to implement an ongoing strategy. Join us and you’ll learn: Useful tips for conversion tracking in Youtube advertising How to analyze your performance and optimize your campaigns The art of pitching Youtube advertising to your leadership team Presented by: Kelsey Hadaller Emma Franks …

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  • What’s Happening in the World of Paid Social? 2017 Insights and Predictions

    …. And buckle up, because there are some pretty sweet platform features that will open up your social strategy to a whole new world. In this live webinar, Hanapin’s Mary Hartman and Simply Measured’s Bryan Blackburn join forces to share the insights gained from both Hanapin’s State of Paid Social 2017 and Simply Measured’s 2017 State of Social Report…

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  • Gmail Ads Got an Upgrade! How Your Marketing Plan Can Benefit

    … in the experts to break down Gmail ads for you and help you get the most out of them. In this live webinar, Google’s Tarresha Poindexter and Hanapin’s Diane Anselmo will bring you up to date on the new features Gmail has to offer, as well as how to customize the platform to bring you the ultimate success. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: How to look…

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  • Capitalize on the Mobile Movement with Next-Level Strategies

    … July 10, 2017 Are you rocking that B2B advertising? How about B2C? No matter what area you’re targeting, we’ve seen mobile searches leapfrog over desktop and tablet. What does this mean? It means you need a killer strategy for your mobile marketing in order to take advantage of all of those mobile searches. In this webinar, Directive…

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