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  • Is Your Website Vulnerable to Hackers? Probably, yes.

    … has been a constant flurry of updates to one of the most popular software packages on the Web. Powering nearly 20% of all websites, WordPress is, to many, the absolute gold standard when it comes to creating websites that are efficient and secure. However, it is not entirely immune to attacks from those that would like to see your website destroyed…

    Andy Calloway/ Calloway Green- 12 readers -
  • WordPress 4.1.3? WordPress 4.2? Why all the Updates?

    … WordPress 4.1.3? WordPress 4.2? Why all the Updates? April 24, 2015 By Andy Calloway Leave a Comment Most of the sites we create are based on WordPress, one of (if not the) most popular website platforms in the World. It’s used by tens of millions of companies and this means it’s also open to attack. Yes, I said it, the bad guys on the web…

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  • Yes, Even Manufacturing Companies Have Websites

    … Even though we’re not in the centre of Birmingham, our little office in Kinver is still heavily influenced by the city. I just had to drive through a big chunk of it on the M6, and something struck me. There’s still an incredible amount of industry here. I wonder if they have websites? There’s a tendency to think that websites are just for tech…

    Andy Calloway/ Calloway Greenin SEO- 8 readers -
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