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  • How To Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

    The primary goal of most B2B websites is to create business opportunities by educating buyers and attracting them into your sales pipeline with content. The inbound marketing process attracts potential buyers to your websites with educational content, converts visitors into leads with premium content offers and nurtures the leads until they're ready to be passed to sales profe ...

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  • 3 Reasons A Killer Website Is Essential For Inbound Marketing

    …-friendly content management system like WordPress or HubSpot. Your company page is your organizational business card. For most websites, the company (about) page is where potential buyers go after viewing your homepage. It should look professional and portray the "personality" of your business. Provide information about key team members…

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  • 3 Simple Tactics To Help B2B Buyers Find You Online

    … words and 321 characters - short and to the point. Good content drives buyers to your website Now that you're website is structured to help search engines understand what you do and what kind of problems you help buyers solve, the traffic is just streaming to your website, right? Not so much. A professional website that is optimized for search…

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  • 4 Essential Tactics to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

    …, but it's hard to develop a predictable, sustainable sales process based on referral sales. dResearch from HubSpot, the Corporate Executive Board and many others have documented how the majority of B2B buyers start their buying process by accessing content from potential vendors' websites. They start with search engine queries to find vendors…

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  • 3 Proven Strategies To Keep Buyers On Your Website

    … in mind as you lay out your navigation. And keep your navigation consistent. If you're changing your website navigation every month, you're probably doing more harm than good. Above all, keep in mind DaVinci's words - simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Close the deal with good content When potential buyers come to your site, they're looking…

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  • Is Your Website Hurting Your Sales? Probably.

    According to HubSpot's new research report, Does Your Website Make The Grade, most websites fail when it comes to performance. HubSpot analyzed over 1 million websites in the areas of performance, mobile optimization, SEO and security and found that the average score was 59 out of 100. That's an F, folks, for fail.

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  • A 4-Step Process To Build A Lead Generation Website

    … Is your website a revenue-producing asset or a digital brochure? If your website isn’t generating leads, your sales process isn’t synched with the modern buying process. According to the Corporate Executive Board, the average B2B buyer completes 57% of their sales process before they ever talk with a salesperson. They research buying options…

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  • 3 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website

    … Gone are the days when folks have to be tethered to a desktop computer just to be able to go online. Now, practically anyone can surf the Internet anywhere using a mobile device. And in just a few years from now, as many as 5 billion people will be using mobile phones as their main device. This is great news for end users, but it poses a challenge…

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  • 4 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Inbound Marketing

    … to have a professional look to it. Adding too much to your homepage, from different links to pictures to flash animation and more, will clutter your page and make it difficult for visitors to find what they are looking for. Keep your website streamlined. Build your site to generate leads One of the main goals of your website should be to convert…

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  • A Collaborative Process for Website Development

    … Too often, website developers get some initial input from their clients and then go away to design and develop the website. This results in two possible outcomes. In the first outcome, the designer gets it right and the client is happy. Everything's good. More often, the client isn't happy and either asks for major revisions or accepts…

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