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  • How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

    …. It’s time for the world to hear what you have to say. You’ve chosen a domain name…now what? Once you’ve chosen and registered your domain name, the real fun begins! You can now start publishing blog posts to help your audience and give your business a strong online presence. Want to hit the ground running when you hit publish? Here are seven blog post ideas that will engage your readers every time. The post How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • How to Improve Your Website Bounce Rate

    … Do you have a high website bounce rate? Are you attracting a lot of traffic, but failing to turn those visitors into customers? Having a million organic visitors sounds like quite an accomplishment, but ultimately, that traffic is worthless unless you can use it to drive business. What if I tell you there’s a simple four-step process you can…

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  • Is It Time for You to Upgrade Your Web Hosting?

    … down. Quality hosting providers will do their best to address the issue anytime it arises, but if you’re getting enough traffic to regularly be the website causing the issue, then it’s time to move to a new hosting plan. If you’re seeing more traffic but the difference isn’t too extreme, an upgrade to cloud hosting may well do the trick. Cloud…

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  • How to Spring Clean Your Website

    … Every website needs a refresher now and then to make sure everything’s working properly, looking good, and meeting the goals you need it to. The beginning of spring is a good time to take on any the projects you’ve been putting off, and we’re betting a website refresh is overdue for you. This month, take some time to spring clean your website…

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  • How to Design a Landing Page That Converts

    … Different pages on your website have different purposes and goals. Your homepage should provide a clear picture of what your business is and does. Your about page is an opportunity to personalize your brand and build trust. Landing pages are designed to do one thing: convert. Your goal for every landing page is clear and each must be designed…

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  • How to Build a Website in 15 Minutes

    … If you still haven’t taken time to build a website for your business, I have one question for you: Why not? Maybe you think you don’t have the time, money, or skills to create a stunning website that represents your business. Whatever is holding you back, it’s time to put your hesitations to rest. I’ll show you how easy it is to build…

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