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Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. They fall into two categories: online proprietary tools provided by web hosting companies, typically intended for users to build their private site; and software which runs on a computer, creating pages offline and which can then publish these pages on any host. (The latter are often considered to be "website design software" rather than "website builders".)
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  • Make Life Easy for Your Customers with a Responsive Website

    … There’s no denying the fact that if you want your business to have any kind of clout, you need to have a website. There’s also no denying the popularity of WordPress, for blogging certainly, but also for site building. But businesses looking to build websites for their organizations should probably consider a platform better suited to meeting…

    Growmap- 23 readers -
  • 4 Useful Website Building Tips for the Rookie Blogger

    … aspect is especially important since page loading speed is directly correlated to metrics such as conversions and bounces. Select a Website Builder Don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to build a website totally from scratch. In fact, the vast majority of websites you see online today – especially blogs – are made exclusively through website builders…

    The Blog Herald- 10 readers -
  • Google Opens Its Domain Registration Service To All U.S. Users

    … Google is now officially a domain registrar, at least in the U.S. About six months after launching as an invite-only service, Google Domains is now open to anyone in the U.S. Domain registration starts at $12 per year, which is competitive with other services. Google Domains offers several of the basic registration services you’d find at other…

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Landin Google- 13 readers -
  • Fast SEO Competitive Analysis Part 3: Search Presence

    … by looking at what was most relevant in Google search, compared to what Google found most relevant specific to a particular site. Step one, content. Step two, ranking eligibility. Part three brings it all together as we look at detailed competitive analysis. Using SERP presence data to understanding the competitive landscape. Not just for our…

    Ben Goodsell/ Search Engine Watchin SEO- 4 readers -
  • The Value of, and Steps to Design, the Perfect Website

    … that requires considerable care, because it will be your brand's online hallmark. Brainstorm multiple domain names, from your firm's legal title to a keyword or phrase that represents your brand, before making a choice. While there are ways to get around the consequences of choosing a subpar domain name, it's preferable to land a great name from…

    Search Engine Guidein SEO Content- 6 readers -
  • How to Build a Free Online Business Site or Family Holiday Card

    …, it is easy using a free website builder like IMCreator. By using one of the free templates you don’t have to know much about design. The layout is done for you. Just click on anything you want to change. For images, click the image and then ‘Replace Pic’. Here are some ideas for building a fun site for free: Click image to see full size example…

    Gail Gardner/ Growmapin How To's- 13 readers -
  • Wix Buys Its Way Into Online Ordering

    … Wix, the Isreali-based website builder, has quietly pushed into the wider small business technology market since going public last year. The company snapped up a mobile app builder in May, added a booking system for hotels a month later, and launched Wix Hive, which allows users to store data from various applications on their site…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 6 readers -
  • Home Page Design: Static Front Page vs Blog Page – Which Is Better?

    … When it comes to your blog’s home page design, there’s two ways to go: 1. a blog page showing your latest posts; 2. a static front page. By default if you use WordPress, your blog’s home page design will show your latest posts. That’s what the majority of blogs use in fact. Now that might be because it’s the default option and it’s easier…

    Tim Bonner/ Tim Bonner Blogin Google- 24 readers -
  • Discussion Conversion Rate Optimization and Website Strategy With Tiffany daSilva

    … challenge so this is hard a question! I think The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman is a must-read for any woman, and Thinking, Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman were probably the last great books I’ve read. Right now, I’m currently reading The Innovator’s Solution by Michael E. Raynor and Clayton M. Christensen. It’s taken me forever because I keep coming up with a million ideas that I have to jot down while I read! …

    Kelsey Jones/ Search Engine Journalin SEO- 10 readers -
  • Web Start Today – Online Design Studio for Professionals

    … The market for code free website builders is growing at a brisk pace. Site builders have come a long way since their early days where they would restrict you as a designer. We are seeing an increasing number of site builders that allow you to express your creativity. Web Start Today is one such tool that is being used by professional designers…

    Gail Gardner/ Growmap- 9 readers -
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