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    • Website Content: What We Can Learn From Retail Shopping

      Have you ever walked into a retail store and longed for the simplicity of an online shopping experience? You’re not alone. According to a study performed on multi-channel retailers, most shoppers are not only searching for products they need online exclusively, but of those that do, 42 percent end up making the purchase there as well.

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  • Top 5 Free Content Management Systems

    … The core of a good website lies in its design and content. When it comes to building websites that are focused around content, which most are, you’ll need to decide on a content management system (CMS) to drive the site. The CMS is critical to the success of almost every well-designed website and allows the user to add, modify and remove content…

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  • How To Create A Good Chinese Website Content

    …. Indeed, you need to use strategic keywords and know social media’s tools in order to increase your brand e-reputation. Also, if you manage well your website’s SEO, you will have a good positioning on Baidu, the first search engine in China which is the most important feature to create an attractive website. Baidu’s core mission of its customer…

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  • 10 Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Marketing

    … be the lack of tools that can get you going, keep you writing, and polish the end product so that it is publishing-ready. Here, I have 10 tools you may not have in your box and can give you that added boost and keep you on track. Getting a Great Idea for a Piece 1. Answer the Public You can spend a lot of time on all sort of sites, including your…

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  • Enterprise marketers must tightly choose the focus of their website

    … So, you are responsible for digital marketing for a big company? You're probably not the CMO, however. That whole big website isn't your problem. You are just responsible for one product line. Or one country. Or one product line within one country. Or maybe even something smaller than that. But have you ever sat down and really decided which…

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  • 4 Simple, Surefire Techniques For Boosting Your Reader-To-Lead Conversion

    … Listen, you can write bucketloads of fresh content and have a great position in search engines… but if you can’t persuade people to take action – you won’t get the business you need. Here, I’m going to share four simple, proven techniques to make sure your content compels action and drives more leads, sales, and revenue. Let’s start…

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  • The 6 Homepage Headlines You Gotta Write

    … Fire up Merriam-Webster because you’re going to need some words here, not many but a well-chosen few, in exactly 6 positions at the top part of your business website homepage. A website visitor should be able to scan these titles and phrases and quickly understand your company, product or service and its awesomeness, as well...continue reading … The post The 6 Homepage Headlines You Gotta Write appeared first on Dex Media. …

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