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    • 6 Types of Call To Actions That Drive The Most Conversions

      Call to actions (CTAs) are an essential part of your overall marketing process. You have probably thought through elements such as your sales funnel and how the CTA button can work to drive conversions. However, there are some specific types of CTAs that drive more conversions than others. 1. Use First Person Using first-person phrasing could increase your conversions.

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    • Migrating to HTTPS: Why, and What’s the Benefit?

      Google is dedicated to the cause of making the internet a more secure place. They’ve been promoting HTTPS web hosting for a while now, and HTTPS-hosted sites have been gaining an edge on the competition in search engine rankings (SERPs) since 2014. Not everyone has been so quick to adopt better security practices though, and much of the internet still resides on HTTP pages (th ...

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  • Lead Generation in Saturated Markets: Tips for Innovative Websites

    … Company websites are important – there is no doubt about that. Twenty years ago, if you simply had a one-page website for your business you were ahead of the competition. However, times have drastically changed. As of 2016, a study found that there are at least 1.24 billion websites in the world. Thanks to modern technology, you are competing…

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  • How to Improve Your Website Bounce Rate

    … Do you have a high website bounce rate? Are you attracting a lot of traffic, but failing to turn those visitors into customers? Having a million organic visitors sounds like quite an accomplishment, but ultimately, that traffic is worthless unless you can use it to drive business. What if I tell you there’s a simple four-step process you can…

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  • 7 Tips To Create Call-To-Action Buttons That Get Clicked

    … A few years ago, Go-Globe surveyed web design trends among Fortune 500 companies and concluded that only 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are critical for your landing pages and website. They guide visitors towards the goal of the page – which can…

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  • 7 Amazing Steps for Running an Effective A/B Test

    … It goes without saying that if you want your digital marketing efforts to be results-driven, then you need to measure results – and an important part of making sure you’re going to get results is to do testing. Split testing, commonly called A/B testing, allows you to evaluate the impact of a potential change on your website or in a marketing…

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Site’s Conversion Rate

    … Do you find your website generating a large volume of traffic but not yielding enough conversions? This is one of the greatest challenges many hoteliers face when it comes to their digital marketing success. Identifying the potential causes of failing to convert lookers into bookers is the first step in solving this very common problem. The most…

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  • 3 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Guarunteed Success

    …. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an approach to marketing that puts emphasis on tracking and testing how users interact with a website, then making data-driven changes and tweaks to increase the overall number of visitors that convert. CRO answers the question: “How can we convert more visitors into customers without spending more on traffic…

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  • How to Write Hotel Content that Will Convert

    … an edge over competitors and yield higher conversions. Now, let the writing begin. Here are some helpful tips on how to write content that will convert and drive more direct bookings: Personalize the Content We see that many hotels face the challenge of high bounce rates from their website and low engagement (page views, session duration) even…

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  • 18 Clever Ways to Make your Website More Trustworthy

    … I want you to ask yourself one simple question about your website: What do your visitors need to believe about you before they contact you? This simple question can spark a torrent of ideas to improve the trustworthiness of your website. Having a trustworthy website will lead to a higher conversion rate. In this blog I’m going to list 18…

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  • 11 Reasons Why Visitors Are Abandoning Your eCommerce Website

    …. What’s great is that speeding up your website can improve your conversions by 7%. 6. Lack of Trust People only buy from people and companies they trust. Not a surprise, especially when you’re handling their money. If you are a well-established brand with lots of positive reviews online, chances are, people will trust you more already. However…

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