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    • 4 Ways To Optimize Your Website For Visitors And Search Engines

      When you're passionate about optimizing a website for yourself or a client, it's easy to forget - even briefly - about visitors. While implementing any SEO tactic, it's important to keep your visitors in mind to make sure you're not excluding them. Here's some advice to help you maintain a visitor-first mindset while performing SEO: 1.

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  • 10 Tactics to Guide Customers Through Your Sales Funnel

    …. Find new uses for your products and get customers to buy them again – IKEA does this so well with its furniture hack ideas. Another popular concept is seen in site search suggestions. Algorithms may suggest alternative products like, “Customers who bought this also bought…” “If you may also be interested in…” Upselling and cross-selling methods give…

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  • 6 Types of Call To Actions That Drive The Most Conversions

    …. An excellent example of making the CTA a focal point, can be found on the MailChimp website. The page is narrowed down to a blue CTA that reads “Sign up Free.” It is simple and to the point. The assumption is that most people coming to its landing page likely already know they want a mailing list subscription service. While you can still access features…

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  • Migrating to HTTPS: Why, and What’s the Benefit?

    …. The former is accomplished with digital certificates — a kind of virtual signature. Websites obtain them from Certificate Authorities, and they verify that, say, is really Google, and not some hacker attempting a man-in-the-middle attack. That way, information from the client is not being stolen, and information from the server is not being…

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  • Lead Generation in Saturated Markets: Tips for Innovative Websites

    … Company websites are important – there is no doubt about that. Twenty years ago, if you simply had a one-page website for your business you were ahead of the competition. However, times have drastically changed. As of 2016, a study found that there are at least 1.24 billion websites in the world. Thanks to modern technology, you are competing…

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  • How to Improve Your Website Bounce Rate

    … Do you have a high website bounce rate? Are you attracting a lot of traffic, but failing to turn those visitors into customers? Having a million organic visitors sounds like quite an accomplishment, but ultimately, that traffic is worthless unless you can use it to drive business. What if I tell you there’s a simple four-step process you can…

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  • 7 Tips To Create Call-To-Action Buttons That Get Clicked

    … be signing up for your newsletter, trying your product in a free trial, or making a purchase. CTA buttons can take on different shapes depending on the style of your website and the goals of the page in question. But all CTA buttons have one thing in common – they’re here to get your visitors clicking and completing a conversion on your page. Here are 7…

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  • 7 Amazing Steps for Running an Effective A/B Test

    … It goes without saying that if you want your digital marketing efforts to be results-driven, then you need to measure results – and an important part of making sure you’re going to get results is to do testing. Split testing, commonly called A/B testing, allows you to evaluate the impact of a potential change on your website or in a marketing…

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Site’s Conversion Rate

    … on every page. Remember, the more steps you have, the more likely the visitor will abandon the booking process. So choose a booking engine that is compatible with your site and complements the look and feel of your site’s design. Since this is where you want your users to convert, be mindful of how you are optimizing this process. Travel shoppers…

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  • 3 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Guarunteed Success

    …. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an approach to marketing that puts emphasis on tracking and testing how users interact with a website, then making data-driven changes and tweaks to increase the overall number of visitors that convert. CRO answers the question: “How can we convert more visitors into customers without spending more on traffic…

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  • How to Write Hotel Content that Will Convert

    … an edge over competitors and yield higher conversions. Now, let the writing begin. Here are some helpful tips on how to write content that will convert and drive more direct bookings: Personalize the Content We see that many hotels face the challenge of high bounce rates from their website and low engagement (page views, session duration) even…

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