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    • WordPress Tips for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs: 10 Must Knows

      WordPress is the most used blogging platform in the world. It’s simplistic and customizable nature make it easy for anyone to become a blogger. Nowadays, most businesses have a website or blog. For businesses looking to build their presence online, having a blog can significantly influence ranking and drive traffic to your website.

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    • 9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

      When it comes to increasing website revenue, most people think that they need to increase their website traffic. While increasing traffic seems to be a good idea, having an impressive amount of it will not guarantee that your website will make a greater profit. What then should you do to increase your site’s income? The answer is simple; you need to focus on your conversion rate.

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    • How to Build Your Brand Using Linkedin

      Increasingly, people are turning to Linkedin to learn more about a business and its brand. It is essential that you take advantage of this free company page and get your name out there! Linkedin allows you to build your brand’s credibility, provide valuable information, make new connections, and grow your business.

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  • User Interface: Adding the Human Component to Website Design

    … An interface will always be something between us as humans, and our final goal. We are not free of the "man in the middle." Depending on how the interface of a website is built, it can considerably delay the completion of the desired task, and ultimately frustrate the person using it. The good news is that this negative aspect of interfaces can…

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  • 7 Budget-Friendly Hotel Marketing Tips

    … easily searchable and come up as one of the first listings in a Google search. Ideally, by utilizing SEO, there will be no need for paid Google advertisements because your business will be the top listing! Use Social Media In addition to your website, maintaining a social media presence on all the popular platforms will increase…

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  • 5 Important Tips to Improve Website User Experience

    … When considering website design, it’s easy to get caught up in aesthetic concerns. But if your website has a purpose beyond just looking pretty, it’s important to focus on more than appearances. Here are five key ways to provide your website’s visitors with a great user experience, so that they’ll stick around instead of leaving in frustration…

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Site’s Conversion Rate

    … Do you find your website generating a large volume of traffic but not yielding enough conversions? This is one of the greatest challenges many hoteliers face when it comes to their digital marketing success. Identifying the potential causes of failing to convert lookers into bookers is the first step in solving this very common problem. The most…

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  • How To Re-Design Your Website to Save Time, Dollars and Drive Results!

    … he is searching for with your competitor. To compete in today’s business environment, your website is the foundation for everything else. Inbound Marketing integrates strategic website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and email marketing to attract, convert and delight customers. The days of marketing…

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  • Lean UX: Capturing User Behavioral Needs and Pain Points

    … When we discuss the creation of an optimal online user experience (UX), there are a number of ways to approach the process. The Lean UX method transforms traditional user experience design to a more efficient process by reducing unnecessary steps to a lightweight process, while focusing on an agile process of building → measuring → learning rapid…

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  • How to Grow Your Business by Hiring a Local Marketing Firm

    … an effective campaign in your hometown. So why not give your local marketing company a call? A lead generation and internet marketing team is an asset for any business. Let Paveya show you how. From solid website design, SEO, social media management, content generation, email marketing and analysis, we get results that make a difference to your bottom line. The post How to Grow Your Business by Hiring a Local Marketing Firm appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • Google Update: The End of Mobile Pop-Ups aka “Intrusive Interstitials”

    … Google is once again making changes that may affect your website’s rank in their search engine results. This time, the focus is on pop-ups, also known as intrusive interstitials. One of Google’s top priorities is to constantly improve the mobile user experience and this is a change that will do just that. Whether you use pop-ups for your business…

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  • Get Inspired – Blow Your Mind Website Examples!

    …, informational content offerings in the home page slider. Don’t miss this beautiful site. Visit Website AirBnB We like this website because it’s gorgeous, and the photography is outstanding. The user experience is great because you are immediately met with a search bar to look for a property. The site is authentic and approachable. Just great web design…

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  • Website Redesigns: Questions to Ask Before Getting Started

    … As businesses continue to grow, it’s important for their website and online presence to evolve along with them. Trends change over time, and in order for your company to remain ahead of the curve, your website design requires regular updates to maintain that modernity. However, often websites require full redesigns. Your design may not only…

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  • Get Creative: 8 Updates for Landing Page Design to Increase Engagement

    … Even if designing landing pages is almost an exact science these days, conversion-centered design doesn’t have to follow straight rules. There are many new strategies for persuading users to perform specific actions on a page, and some of them can easily become your tactic of choice for designing your next landing page. Here are eight tips…

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  • 5 Design Principles Nearly 95% of Websites Screw Up. Are You?

    … among your current customers? That’s terrific! We’re here to help you optimize your website so it works fluidly for your website visitors. In fact, we promise you we’ll do just that. With our guarantee, you can rest assured we will increase your profits through landing page optimization. If you’re ready to work with the leader in landing pages…

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  • Losing Your Social Sharing Counts Could Cost You

    … It is common to overlook the social sharing counts on your pages when you’re moving from one domain to another or migrating to HTTPS, particularly on blog posts. Those little numbers beside the icons may seem trivial, but social proof remains a key indicator of reputability and quality. Unfortunately, these buttons are hopelessly attached…

  • Your HTTPS Upgrade Could Put Your Search Rank in Danger

    … protocol. It was initially made popular to protect sensitive information during online banking, shopping, and logging into websites. Over the past several years, it has spread to websites of all kinds. And why not? There are lots of reasons to enable HTTPS on your website: it’s a known ranking factor, it improves visitor security, and it’s relatively…

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