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    • 5 Tips To Take Your Website’s Design from Good to Great

      Your website is one of the most prominent faces of your business and therefore plays a key role in guiding your customers towards conversion. It’s important that your website represents you and your company but it must also be a pleasing virtual space for customers to visit. Here are a few quick and easy ways to refresh your website for 2017 and to help improve visitor traffic.

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  • Make Life Easy for Your Customers with a Responsive Website

    … using to manage your business’s website, Duda can still help you not lose mobile visitors. Reviews and pricing Not only is Duda well-rated on G2 Crowd, but Top Ten Reviews gave the platform its Gold Award for mobile-website design. The reason why is Duda’s “great tools and simplicity” and that it “can save you hours of work.” You can take…

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  • How to Create Blog Posts That Never Die

    Recently, we started noticing traffic to some of our old offers. We don’t want traffic to go to “old stuff” when it has been replaced or updated. So, how did the traffic get there? From older relevant blog posts which had an outdated CTA (Call To Action). We could just update the CTA on the blog post, but it is also a good opportunity to optimize these “oldies but goodies”.

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  • What Can Google Optimize Teach You About Your Website

    … information on internet marketing and website design check out our blog at or contact us today at 1-855-372-8392. The post What Can Google Optimize Teach You About Your Website appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • Marketing Scenario From Hell – Tons Of Leads, But No Sales

    … showcase clearly in your offer. Also, let the price be competitive depending on what the market has. Scenario 2: An Inefficient Website Once you have ruled out the campaign factor or fixed the issue, your next culprit could be the website. Perhaps your website is appealing enough. However, how effective are the landing pages? What about its design…

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  • Should I Use WordPress to Build My New Website?

    … If you have made the decision to get a new website, you are likely asking yourself several questions. Questions like: What company should I go with to build my website? How much should I spend on a new website? What do I want it to look like? For website owners that have gone through the process of getting a new website probably already know…

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  • Get Inspired – Blow Your Mind Website Examples!

    …! Are you ready to squeeze more profit out of your website? That’s terrific! We’re here to help you optimize your website so it works fluidly for your website visitors. In fact, we promise you we’ll do just that. With our guarantee, you can rest assured we will increase your profits through landing page optimization. We can help you improve your… 12 readers -
  • [Case Study] Improving User Experience with a HubSpot Website Redesign

    … by one, the redesign strategy implemented by Robinson and LyntonWeb involved going straight for growth driven design (GDD). GDD could solve them all in one fell swoop. GDD allows a website to evolve as the company evolves, with consistent updates and steady changes that can be tracked, improved and ultimately result in ongoing improvements…

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  • Get Inspired – Blow Your Mind Website Examples!

    … fluidly for your website visitors. In fact, we promise you we’ll do just that. With our guarantee, you can rest assured we will increase your profits through landing page optimization. If you’re ready to work with the leader in landing pages and conversion rate optimization, contact us today. We’ll provide you with our FREE site performance… 9 readers -
  • Have You Optimized Your E-Commerce Website Yet?

    … In today’s market, 30.5% of the traffic that e-commerce websites generate comes from organic searches. Many businesses struggle to rank well even when their site is using blogs and long tail keywords related to the services their company offers. There are several factors that contribute to e-commerce sites that don’t rank well and they can…

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  • The Website ReDesign Crash Diet Phenomenon

    … platform, it’s up to you to make your website go. Think Optimization, Not New Beginnings Most businesses really don’t need a fresh start online. Instead, what they need is a sustainable platform coupled with knowledge on how they can use it to draw in visitors, convert them into leads, and move them into sales. That kind of strategy builds business…

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  • Don't Put the Wrong Stamp on Your Website Passport

    … design in a matter of minutes. Even if the overseas provider is working manually, it would amount to around 10 or 15 minutes per page. There may appear to be a dramatic difference, but the actual website could very likely be much worse because of what’s going on under the hood. When we migrate from one website or layout to another, there are dozens…

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  • How To Color Your Website And Influence Conversion!

    … these advanced tips on website conversions into account and use color psychology to improve your online sales and conversions. Color is one of the biggest factors affecting your website conversions. Do your research, and if you’re unsure, testing is always the best plan. Use this guide full of expert tips on the use of color to drive your website…

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  • User Interface: Adding the Human Component to Website Design

    … An interface will always be something between us as humans, and our final goal. We are not free of the "man in the middle." Depending on how the interface of a website is built, it can considerably delay the completion of the desired task, and ultimately frustrate the person using it. The good news is that this negative aspect of interfaces can…

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