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  • How to Become an Online Expert

    …, you’re displaying your knowledge for the world to see. So when this new visitor looks at your website, they think “wow, these guys have dozens of posts and have been going at it for almost two years now. They must have a good idea of what they’re talking about” Online Expert Channel #3: Social Media Now you’ve begun to build up your online influence…

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  • You DO Need A Great Website! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

    …, but I’m very punctual! 3: A website is more important than social media, no matter what! Don’t get me wrong, social media is great. It’s a helpful part of any online marketing platform. But it only goes so far. Consider how many Canadians are on Twitter – about 5.6 million. That’s a far reach. If you’re a global company, you’ll fare better with access…

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  • Digital Marketing: Where Do You Start?

    … foundational element that’s common to nearly every successful web marketing strategy? That element is YOUR WEBSITE! Why Is A Website So Important? In the age of social media spreading all over the place, you might think of a website as a bit of an antique. After all, in this era of constant social media engagement, why would you even need…

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  • 6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Online Marketing

    Your company should be using online marketing. I don’t care what your business is, it can benefit from online marketing. That might sound a bit harsh, but it’s true. Most of the world’s most successful and innovative businesses are using the internet to reach a wider audience than ever before. Online marketing is an entirely new style of marketing, though, and you might not unde ...

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