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  • How to Become an Online Expert

    …, you’re displaying your knowledge for the world to see. So when this new visitor looks at your website, they think “wow, these guys have dozens of posts and have been going at it for almost two years now. They must have a good idea of what they’re talking about” Online Expert Channel #3: Social Media Now you’ve begun to build up your online influence…

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  • You DO Need A Great Website! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

    … more than just price. This article outlines some of the most important questions to ask your website designer. But either way, the most important thing is to know what you want to accomplish with your website. Are you creating a homepage for your dog, or a marketing tool? If your website is designed for marketing, consider working with an online…

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  • Digital Marketing: Where Do You Start?

    … at all of climbing up! And even if you were at the top, most people will skip over you anyway! They’re not looking for a Facebook page, they’re looking for results. Facebook As An Advertisement Think of it this way. You’re in meatspace (that’s the real world, not the internet world). And you have two options to promote your business. The first…

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  • 6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Online Marketing

    … see it won’t even be interested in what it says! Hey honey, doesn’t this ad about Swedish death metal seem interesting? When you publish something on your website, though, it reaches only the people who have volunteered to visit your website, which means they must have had an interest in your brand in the first place. This means that your…

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