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    • Bring Your Multi-Site Development Work To The Next Level With A Reseller Plan

      Bring Your Multi-Site Development Work To The Next Level With A Reseller Plan May 25, 2017 by Blogherald Blogger Leave a Comment For growing design firms, marketing agencies, and companies who manage the websites or do the IT support for several clients, liaising with multiple website hosts, not to mention making alterations for clients when each is using a different platform can feel overwh.

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    • How To Create A Website In 2017

      Whether you’re a seasoned internet veteran or a new reseller looking to make a big splash this year in the web hosting space, the most important part of your business i ...

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  • How To Build A Professional Looking Website In 5 Minutes

    … I’m often asked by potential customers if we offer a website builder with our services here at NameHero. We’ve primarily designed our hosting infrastructure for WordPress as 90 – 95% of our customers use it as their content management system of choice. But we do offer a simple, Site Publisher to allow you to launch a […] The post How To Build A Professional Looking Website In 5 Minutes appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • Is Your Website Your Own Worst Enemy?

    … March 10, 2017 One of my favorite things is obscure foreign colloquialisms that accurately describe commonplace emotions or actions, that defy English definition. Currently, the Danish word Hygge is all the cozy rage and describes the feeling of warm contentment derived from enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Schadenfreude, the act…

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  • How To Create A Beautiful Website With Salient Theme For WordPress

    … Nothing says more about a company than visiting an amazing website that’s professionally developed and formats correctly across all devices. In today’s digital world, it’s essential for companies that want to make a lasting impression on their customers. But how do you accomplish this without spending thousands on a developer? Two words: Salient Theme Last […] The post How To Create A Beautiful Website With Salient Theme For WordPress appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • Your PPC Checklist For A New Website Launch

    … about PPC?” While we can’t cover everything that goes into a launch of a new website, we can make sure you are ready to manage all areas on the side of PPC. PPC Launch Checklist Site Launch Timeline Before you do anything, you should have the firm launch date to work towards. Whether you are changing domains or not, it is always a good idea…

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  • Are You Charging Enough For Local Web Development?

    … I hate client work. Back in 2007 my identical twin brother got caught-up in a dinner conversation with some friends and by the end of the night he had promised a friend of a friend who owned a local business, that I’d design and develop a website for his small business. We were fresh out of […] The post Are You Charging Enough For Local Web Development? appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • How To Change Your PHP Version And Add Extensions Inside cPanel

    … At NameHero we believe in flexibility! Being a web developer myself, I understand how frustrating it can be needing to test a script on a certain version of PHP, only having to re-build the entire server to do so. Most “shared” web host, stick you with one version, and you have to work around that. […] The post How To Change Your PHP Version…

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  • Why a Website Domain is a Marketing Tool

    … Top level domain — known as TLD — has become a buzzword in the internet world in the past few years. Everyone from web developers to small businesses are buying TLDs for their websites, and their popularity is only growing as time passes. So what is a top level domain, and why are they so important? It all started in 2012 when the Internet…

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  • 5 Tips to Make Your Site Geo-Friendly

    … having incoming links will rank better. Good for SEO! Reconfigure the IP Address IP addresses might not seem that important. But, Google (in particular) factors in a website’s IP when it comes to GEO. The matter comes down to the server your site is hosted on. What does that mean for you? If you want traffic from the UK, you need to host your…

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  • Improve Website Performance by Avoiding these 5 Mistakes

    … In recent years, the speed of the web has accelerated at an exponential rate, probably because of two reasons – first, because people have improved internet access and secondly, because the expectations of users have grown to a whole new level. Even Google has started using the speed of a website as a ranking factor now. As a result, poor website…

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  • Flash redux: Form Over Function is Back

    … focusing and lost patience as the sites took long times to load and were difficult to navigate. Plus, Flash did not work on many Apple sites, and they were fundamentally undetectable for search engine optimization (as they were one-page websites with no readable text or category URLs). It was 90 percent form over function. Because of their poor…

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  • How to Improve your Website’s User Experience with Animation

    … Life is motion. And in the digital world, that translates into websites that use motion to attract visitors. The concept of motion and animation in web design isn’t new, but it’s still important. Here’s how you can get started with adding animation into your website. Animate Page Loads Back in the day, when pages were loading, you would…

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  • Sitecore vs. Magento: A Detailed Website Platform Comparison

    … When it comes to website development platforms and content management systems, there are a lot of options currently available on the market. Depending on your brand’s industry, the type of products you sell, the services you offer, or even the general size of your business, certain platforms may be better suited for your needs and for achieving…

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  • 8 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Website in an Hour or Less

    … Published 11 mins ago 31 You may be a champion when it comes to social media marketing and your content-writing skills may blow people away, but if your company website is unattractive, you are probably struggling when it comes to conversion. Web design is trickier than it seems; even top-quality programmers often have trouble creating…

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