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  • Why SEO’s Should Let go of Links

    … By Tim on February 2014 Before I even write this post I am imagining the comments that will begin to come through from those that only bothered to read the title, however if you keep reading I can promise you that this is not a “links are dead post” however I maintain that SEO’s should let go of them. We all know about penalties, penguins…

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  • The Disavow Tool Works! Real Sites, Real Recoveries!

    … threads and the odd post about negative SEO attacks, however I have seen nothing convincing (feel free to prove me wrong in the comments). We even had a client that was hit with around 10,000 Xrumer links as part of an attack, the impact on rankings?? Nothing! In fact we saw improvements. So, to say Google have brought out the disavow tool…

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  • Finally! Google Launches a Link Disavow Tool

    … doesn’t mean Google aren’t counting it – Don’t just disavow whole domains, you may have good links on there as well – Still a lot of uncertainties around how it treats subdomains, blogspot, wordpress etc… – Complete a full link audit and try and remove links first Google still recommend removing links before adding them in the disavow tool…

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