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  • Business phone number legislation change: A simple explanation

    … phone company’s access charge” to phone numbers on your website (and where ever else they appear). If you are using these numbers, you’ve got two choices: 1. Change them to geographic (e.g. 0131) or toll-free numbers (0800 or 0808); or 2. Plaster your site with notices (personally, we prefer the first option!) If you absolutely, positively…

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  • 5 Simple steps for choosing the right WordPress theme

    … the theme looks – if the design or structure of a theme could make it at all difficult for people to actually use, don’t bother with it! Your website is there to communicate with users, and it’s more important that this communication is clear and uncomplicated than having a sexy aesthetic. Reviews can be helpful for figuring out if the theme is end-user…

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  • Award Winning Client – Drapers Independents 2014

    … 2014 and we couldn’t be more chuffed. Well done guys! A Hume winning the best independent multichannel operator A Hume are based in Kelso, Scotland and provide quality outdoor country clothing for men and women throughout the UK. In relation to the Best Independent Multichannel Operator award, A Hume demonstrated excellence in their joined up…

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  • A WordPress Plugin For Every Atta-Geek

    … popularity has produced an incredibly rich and varied world of plugins, providing users more flexibility and control over their site’s functionality. Plugins essentially offer custom functions that either enhance existing features or add new and otherwise unavailable features to your website. Currently there is a rather scary number of plugins available…

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