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  • January 2017: What’s New With Constant Contact?

    … New Year, new features! Ready to learn about the latest and greatest features available in your Constant Contact account? You’ve come to the right place. Take four minutes to watch the video below and learn all about our new product enhancements, including our: Welcome Email Sent Email options Background patterns Image options…

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  • 10 Types of Triggered Email Campaigns You Should Implement

    … for triggered email campaigns that your marketing team should have implemented. The broad categories of triggered email campaigns fall under lifecycle, transactional, remarketing, and real-time triggers. More specifically, triggered email campaigns include: Welcome Email – This is the time to set the relationship, and provide guidance…

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  • How to Create an Email Welcome Series to Increase Sales and Engagement

    … When a customer gives you their email address, they’re highly engaged and eager to hear from you. But, if you wait too long, you run the risk of the customer forgetting they signed up. Even worse, they may have already spent their money at another business because they forgot about you. Learn how to avoid this costly mistake by creating…

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  • 4 Things Your Welcome Email Must Do (and Probably Doesn’t)

    As a small business, you know how important a first impression can be. Whether it’s the first time someone walks into your store, the first time someone calls your office, or the first time someone looks up your business online — you work hard to make sure customers walk away thinking positively about your brand.

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  • Why Your Welcome Email Is Not Good Enough

    … nothing worse than sending out a special offer that’s already expired! Keep timelessness in mind when setting up your series and you won’t have to worry about going back and making updates. Get started today! Use these how-to’s to set up your first series: Create an Autoresponder Series Schedule an Automated Email in a Series Autoresponder Best…

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  • How to Write a Winning Welcome Email

    …: Read this post for step-by-step advice on creating an automated welcome series. Offer a deal as goodwill and have a clear call to action. New subscribers are a delicate bunch, so you must go the extra mile to treat them like a valued member of your community. A great way to give them the warm and fuzzies is a free gift or offer in the welcome email…

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  • 3 Emails Every Automated Welcome Series Must Have

    … started when someone makes the decision to join your email contact list. And they may also not quite understand or reap the full benefit of your regular scheduled emails because they’re coming into the middle of the conversation. How can you take care of your new email contacts? An automated Welcome Series, of course. This automated series…

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  • Webinar: How to Build a Better Welcome Email Series

    … Your welcome email series is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to your new subscribers and start building a relationship with them. Since welcome series have high open rates, the stakes are high. A solid welcome series could mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer. In our webinar, How to Build a Better Welcome Email…

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  • How to Wow Your Prospects on Your Website and in The Inbox

    …. With all of that content at your prospect’s fingertips, you need to engage and capture your prospect within seconds of them hitting your website. A simple way to wow your prospects and grow your email list is through Privy, a website solution that offers popups, banners, email bars, and mobile-friendly subscription forms to help you automatically…

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  • How to Retain New Donors with an Effective Welcome Email Series

    … series can make the difference between a one-time donation and recurring gifts. With a targeted communication strategy, you will gradually deepen donors’ connections to your mission and show them the impact their donations make. You can find more nonprofit marketing advice here! The post How to Retain New Donors with an Effective Welcome Email Series appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • 8 Tips for Writing an Effective Welcome Email

    … A welcome email is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Your welcome email sets the tone for the relationship you plan to build with your new supporters and helps engage them in your mission. And when done correctly, a welcome email makes recipients feel enticed by your organization and interested in supporting your cause…

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  • Thank You For Subscribing: How to Optimize Welcome Emails

    … When was the last time you moved to a new neighborhood? Did your new neighbors or the local Welcome Wagon greet you with a wicker basket full of locally baked goods, takeout menus from nearby restaurants and a handful of coupons from local businesses? The classic welcome basket has always been seen as a friendly gesture extended by neighborhood…

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