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    • The 3 Emails Every Retailer Should Send

      Delivering contextual experiences is the best way to target your customers with content they care about and email is one of the most powerful tools in which to do so. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or strictly e-commerce, email marketing can be the thing that helps your business scale. By sending targeted, relevant messaging to your audience at the right time, it’s easy fo ...

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    • 10 Types of Triggered Email Campaigns You Should Implement

      In working with several email vendors, I’ve always been surprised at the lack of pre-designed, effective triggered email campaigns within the accounts upon implementation. If you’re a platform reading this – you should have these campaigns ready to go in your system. If you’re an email marketer, you should be working to incorporate as many types of triggered emails you can to ...

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  • January 2017: What’s New With Constant Contact?

    … New Year, new features! Ready to learn about the latest and greatest features available in your Constant Contact account? You’ve come to the right place. Take four minutes to watch the video below and learn all about our new product enhancements, including our: Welcome Email Sent Email options Background patterns Image options…

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  • 10 Types of Triggered Email Campaigns You Should Implement

    … for triggered email campaigns that your marketing team should have implemented. The broad categories of triggered email campaigns fall under lifecycle, transactional, remarketing, and real-time triggers. More specifically, triggered email campaigns include: Welcome Email – This is the time to set the relationship, and provide guidance…

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  • Why Your Welcome Email Is Not Good Enough

    …. But they also might feel confused and slightly perturbed. Why a Welcome Email puts your subscribers at ease. A Welcome Email is the perfect way to greet your new subscribers and ease them into your list before they start getting your regular communications. With a Welcome Email, you increase the likelihood that your subscriber stays engaged with your business…

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  • How to Write a Winning Welcome Email

    … subscribers, but the first campaign, typically known as the welcome email, is the most important. A welcome email, according to a recent Epsilon study, typically has the highest open rates (60 percent to 70 percent) compared to every other type of marketing email. For this reason alone, you must make a lasting first impression with your welcome…

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  • 3 Emails Every Automated Welcome Series Must Have

    Imagine for a moment that you’ve hired a new employee. Would you expect your new hire to figure everything out on their own? It’s likely you’ll have a new hire checklist to be certain your new employee gets the information they need to be successful. Those first few days are important for setting exceptions and building their personal investment in your business.

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  • Webinar: How to Build a Better Welcome Email Series

    … Your welcome email series is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to your new subscribers and start building a relationship with them. Since welcome series have high open rates, the stakes are high. A solid welcome series could mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer. In our webinar, How to Build a Better Welcome Email…

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  • How to Wow Your Prospects on Your Website and in The Inbox

    … grow your email list. To borrow from The Field of Dreams: “If you [automatically] ask them, they will join.” At BJC Branding, we’re huge fans of Privy, integrating it with the majority of our clients’ Constant Contact accounts. As a result, our clients have experienced outstanding email list growth. To learn more about Privy and how…

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  • How to Retain New Donors with an Effective Welcome Email Series

    … Donor acquisition may be the forefront of many fundraising strategies, but nearly three out of four new donors leave and never come back. Ten years ago the average donor retention rate of newly acquired donors was roughly 33 percent. Today it can be as low as 27 percent. These statistics prove that even when a supporter finally makes their first…

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  • 8 Tips for Writing an Effective Welcome Email

    … A welcome email is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Your welcome email sets the tone for the relationship you plan to build with your new supporters and helps engage them in your mission. And when done correctly, a welcome email makes recipients feel enticed by your organization and interested in supporting your cause…

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  • Thank You For Subscribing: How to Optimize Welcome Emails

    … When was the last time you moved to a new neighborhood? Did your new neighbors or the local Welcome Wagon greet you with a wicker basket full of locally baked goods, takeout menus from nearby restaurants and a handful of coupons from local businesses? The classic welcome basket has always been seen as a friendly gesture extended by neighborhood…

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