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    • 5 Email Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Musicians

      Ever want to conduct an orchestra? Being able to summon all that beautiful music must be an amazing feeling. Alas, as email marketers, we probably won’t get to lead the New York Symphony or take an orchestra on a European tour; however, we do orchestrate campaigns (see what we did there?), and by thinking like a conductor (or composer) we can make them even more effective.

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  • 3 Dreamy Welcome Emails You Can Easily Re-Create

    … for the first time. For companies that love sending emails, the welcome email is the big reveal moment when presenting your brand. It’s your chance to set the perfect mood, deliver the sweetest incentives and delight subscribers in the inbox. So what does it take to create an engaging welcome email? Let’s take a look at these 3 dreamy welcome emails…

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  • Build a Better Welcome Email

    … The welcome email has among the highest open and read rates of all marketing emails, and is one of your best opportunities to create a lasting relationship with a customer. But many companies don’t leverage the full power of the welcome email. They send out a message with only a “thanks for signing up” and leave it at that. Or they try to jam…

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  • Automated Email Marketing and its Effectiveness

    …, they should be targeted, timely, and personalised. Adi Toal, Instiller Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads Tweet This!. That’s a huge number – and Instiller has put together this infographic that provides the evidence that email automation is significantly impacting both B2C…

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  • How to Create a Welcome Email Series for Your Nonprofit

    … A nonprofit welcome email series gives your organization the chance to solidify its relationships with new donors. This 3- to 4-part series properly introduces your nonprofit, welcomes first-time givers, and helps them get to know your work and its value. Through these tailored messages, you can gradually guide these donors to deeper levels…

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