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  • How to Drive Customer Retention with Email Marketing

    … have a points-based rewards program, email is one of the best ways to update your customers on their rewards and points status. Using contextual marketing, you can automatically pull in up-to-the-minute points data to give customers a heads up that they’re about to enter a new tier level, or that they’re eligible for new rewards. To take it a step…

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  • How to Create a Welcome Series for New Donors

    … You just got a notification of a new donation, and are ready to break out the bottle of champagne. Congratulations! The fact that someone made a financial commitment to your organization is extremely rare and precious. But how will you keep them coming back? This is the constant challenge of even the most seasoned fundraiser. All too often donors…

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  • Why Your Welcome Email Is Not Good Enough

    …. But they also might feel confused and slightly perturbed. Why a Welcome Email puts your subscribers at ease. A Welcome Email is the perfect way to greet your new subscribers and ease them into your list before they start getting your regular communications. With a Welcome Email, you increase the likelihood that your subscriber stays engaged with your business…

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  • How to Write a Winning Welcome Email

    …: Read this post for step-by-step advice on creating an automated welcome series. Offer a deal as goodwill and have a clear call to action. New subscribers are a delicate bunch, so you must go the extra mile to treat them like a valued member of your community. A great way to give them the warm and fuzzies is a free gift or offer in the welcome email…

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  • 3 Emails Every Automated Welcome Series Must Have

    … started when someone makes the decision to join your email contact list. And they may also not quite understand or reap the full benefit of your regular scheduled emails because they’re coming into the middle of the conversation. How can you take care of your new email contacts? An automated Welcome Series, of course. This automated series…

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  • Webinar: How to Build a Better Welcome Email Series

    … Your welcome email series is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to your new subscribers and start building a relationship with them. Since welcome series have high open rates, the stakes are high. A solid welcome series could mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer. In our webinar, How to Build a Better Welcome Email…

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