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  • Online Reputation Management and What It Can do for your SEO

    … “Reverse SEO” is a method SEO specialists use in Online Reputation Management or ORM to manage any negative search engine results that may pop up from Google. One of the most important aspects of website optimization is allowing your viewers to interact with you and many SEO specialists make use of online customer feedback survey tools in order…

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  • What is E-mail Marketing?

    … done business with a merchant. These emails are what guide the customer through their purchase of a product or service, or to complete or confirm a transaction they made with the sender. An example of these transactional messages are purchase order or return confirmations, order statuses, and electronic or email receipts. SEO Hacker’s own direct…

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  • 6 Reasons Why You Can’t Replicate Famous SEO Strategies (Yet)

    … also tried and failed miserably. Most of the times. You might think I didn’t try hard enough, but believe me, I tried. I spent countless hours looking for the perfect keyword, perfecting my skyscraper article, and analysing my competition. I spend even more time trying to promote my piece, and while I did get a handful of high-quality links…

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  • Rumors Of Long-Form Content Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

    … It’s all too easy to ignore long-form content. With services like Twitter and Vine attracting millions of users every day, with GIFs and memes running rampant across the internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the art of long-form writing is dying out. I’ve been working as an SEO copywriter for a couple of years now, and when I first…

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  • Calling All SEO Copywriters: What’s Stopping You From Creating Great Content?

    … Stopping YOU From Creating Great Content? Honestly, the only thing that is really stopping you is you. Take the time to keep up to date about your industry, form your own unique opinions on the latest topics and share them with other people. Note down your ideas, hints, tips and any information you find useful and before you know it you could be creating great, evergreen, white-hat content that viewers really find useful. …

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  • How to Write for Your Ideal Customer and Audience

    …, or other social or digital platform and is provided with exactly what they want and need! Content marketing is an amazing way to build your brand awareness, foster community, establish thought leadership, generate leads and grow your business. Content can come in many forms such as text blogging, video blogging, audio and podcasts, visual…

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  • Comprehensive White Hat Strategy That Won’t Get You Penalized

    … by search engines, which then begin to question why people are sharing your content. Natural exposure is all about getting noticed and driving interest in your website. White Hat Strategies To Increase Your Website’s Social Visibility 1. Social Media – Focus On Your Brand Awareness, Build A Community; Engage And Interact With Your Followers…

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