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    • Understanding Why Your Data Has Discrepancies – Q1 Report

      April 13, 2017 Did you know that less than 15% of marketers actually trust the data that they are reporting? That’s a bit unnerving, isn’t it? Few marketers fully trust how metrics are reported and with good reason: more times than not, CRM and Platform data don’t align. And even across different platforms, your numbers may seem suspiciously off.

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    • 5 Facebook Tools You Can’t Live Without

      April 24, 2017 Who doesn’t love a good marketing tool? Utilizing tools can: • Save you time • Provide quick insights • Improve campaign performance • Automate repetitive tasks While we haven’t found the ultimate Facebook advertising tool that meets all ...

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    • How Marketing Executives Are Being Fed Bad Data

      April 26, 2017 As executives push their teams to tell them where they should spend their next dollar, they also want to hold or improve ROI/ROAS. That means that the team can only look at known channels, or must try to correlate performance in one channel or campaign with the new idea. Further, how a typical organization requests and interprets what’s happening with their ...

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  • Guide to Facebook Advertising for Big Brands

    … April 27, 2017 Too many people still think that PPC is just about paid search. Well, paid social is more and more quickly on the rise and if your brand isn’t utilizing Facebook and its strategies, you will be left behind. No one likes to show up on a platform 6 months late with outdated strategies and a skyrocketing CPC, am I right? While…

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  • Compliance Council Updates Retailer Affiliate Agreement Guide

    In an effort to provide more up-to-date guidance, the Compliance Council recently revised its “Retailer Affiliate Agreement” whitepaper. Originally published in 2013, the newly revised guide is designed to provide best practices to retailers, including affiliate managers and agencies, on establishing affiliate agreements. Publishers may also find it help ...

    The PMA- 9 readers -
  • The PPC Trends Your CMO Needs to Know

    … February 1, 2017 Pay Per Click—which is largely made up of Paid Search, Paid Social, and Display Advertising—is growing more complex, more quickly, than most brands can keep up with. Paid Search stayed relatively the same for the first decade of Google AdWords’ existence. Then Mobile became the biggest driver of volume, quickly followed…

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  • The Definitive Programmatic Guide for PPC Managers

    … January 5, 2017 Programmatic Advertising is the most highly recognized but misunderstood term that is used in the industry today. It is a sector that is growing rapidly, and shows no sign of slowing down. According to MediaMath, programmatic is expected to outspend paid search in 2017, while 72% of all display ads are also expected…

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  • How To Use Excel Solver To Power Your 2017 Budgeting

    … November 16, 2016 It’s that time of the year again – time to set budgets and get ready for 2017. Not to mention budgeting for some successful holidays. How do you know what to spend on advertising efforts, and how do you know where to put that spend? This is where the use of Excel Solver can come in handy. Are you using it to its full…

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  • 9 Essential PPC Tips For The Health And Wellness Marketer

    … tracking and call extensions? Are you using Gmail Sponsored Ads in your campaigns? These are absolutely instrumental to your success, and we’ll teach you why (and how to use them). So sit back, breathe out all the stress and let Hanapin experts Kelsey Hadaller, Stephanie White and Diane Matacale walk you through all the essentials you need…

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  • Top 6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Mobile With Bing Ads

    … that are working now or when you set these tactics up aren’t going to continue to provide results if you just leave them alone to use up all the momentum they have, so use these tips to get the most out of mobile with Bing Ads. This white paper will discuss tips like: Defining your target audience Tailoring your messages with ad copy and extensions How to use Expanded Device Targeting to its full potential with the new Bing updates …

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  • [New Whitepaper!] Reddit Advertising: A Beginner’s Guide to the Self-Serve Platform

    …. In this whitepaper, Hanapin’s Head of Paid Social, JD Prater, guides you through the setup of a Reddit advertising campaign and discusses the importance of advertising in such a dynamic community. This white paper will discuss tips like: Why you should be using Reddit advertising How to target a Reddit-specific audience How to set up your first Reddit ads campaign …

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  • How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)

    … Social media has grown from friend communication service to all-encompassing digital life tool. During this digital evolution, journalists who were early adopters and used social sites for both gathering information and broadcasting content have become a core part of many platforms. A white paper from Cision, a provider of media management…

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