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    • The Beginner’s Guide to Social Attribution

      If you’re an email marketer, you send an email, you drive action, you measure that action’s impact on the business, and then you figure out what you could do better and do it again. Social doesn’t work that way. You post to Facebook, your audience interacts with it, and you hope that your actions equate to lift for your business. Download Onlyrecently has social become closed-loop.

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  • Social Marketers, CMO’s Are Most Worried About These Things

    … social team along the way). How Your Social Data Can Benefit Every Department Download This post delves into three common worries that CMO’s are dealing with now (scroll to the bottom of this post to download the whole guide, with all six worries). It also includes suggestions for what social marketers can do to alleviate these stresses…

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  • The Social Metric Map You Need to See

    … Download the Whole Social Metrics Map and Guide Here] 3. Set Realistic Goals Setting goals with no information is a gamble. We don’t have to gamble as social marketers, because we have an abundance of information. Setting realistic goals is about a reference point. A goal is taking one of the metrics we’ve discussed, and attaching a value. So…

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  • How to Build a Social Media Calendar That WORKS

    … If you’re building your social media calendar and want to know how to put together the right roadmap for your brand, check out these tips for stress-free planning, and download our latest guide for the full step-by-step walk-through and template. Start with the Big Picture The first thing you need to do is get a good look at the broader marketing…

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  • 7 Resources You Need to Build Your 2016 Social Plan

    … 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download Building out your 2016 plan is always so much fun, isn’t it? You’re auditing and measuring past performance, forecasting and predicting based on that, calendaring…and, oh yeah, trying to prove why your department needs more dollars to spend in Q1. It’s a totally stress-free experience. Just…

    Lucy Hitz/ Simply Measuredin Social- 8 readers -
  • Instagram: Dissecting the Mobile Social Network

    …: An updated glossary of Instagram metrics and what they *really* mean How to fully analyze your brand’s activity and influence on Instagram Crucial tactics that will guide your Instagram strategy …and much more. Click the button below to download the eBook! …

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  • Do You Have the Right People on Your Social Team?

    … and tactics into these two categories is essential to success. When you break your team up by core function, you create a framework for success that can make a real difference across your marketing organization. In our new guide How to Build a Better Social Team, we walk through the key needs of social teams, highlighting research and interviews…

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