• Flagging Whitelisted or Blacklisted Traffic Source Variables in Tracker

    … Thrive tracks the performance of custom variables such as keywords, geo-targets, site IDs, publishers, demographics, and much more from your traffic sources, but when you do something with those custom variables on those traffic source, such as blacklisting a particular underperforming keyword or increasing the bid of a well-performing geo target…

    Tom Fang/ iPyxel Creations- 15 readers -
  • Why the Media World Is (or Should Be) Scared of Adblockers

    … companies can charge for display. For advertisers grasping at straws with an ad format that by all accounts has little to no impact, adblockers have only served to sink the knife deeper into the side of display ads. Native ads, often extolled as the savior of digital publishing, aren’t immune to adblockers either. “We block all native advertising…

    Dillon Baker/ Relevancein Display- 19 readers -
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