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Whole Foods Market, Inc., with stores in the USA, Canada, and the UK, is an American foods supermarket chain specializing in natural and organic foods that first opened on September 20, 1980. Whole Foods Market is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founder John Mackey currently serves as the CEO of the publicly traded company.
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  • The New ‘Location, Location, Location’ in Retail

    … to collect, although I’m sure Dan Leibson of Local SEO Guide would have an even better recommendation. Let’s get to the conversation at hand, though. You mentioned a recent article from Greg Sterling about the Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition had sparked your interest. Mike: When I was teething in retail trenches the axiom was always that the three…

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  • Amazon springs new prices on Whole Food customers

    … In our weekly update of Amazon trying to take over the world, Amazon finally took the reins of Whole Foods this past Monday. In doing so, Amazon dropped prices substantially almost across the board. They did this without any warning or any marketing building up to the launch. In terms of advertising, this was a brilliant move by Amazon…

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  • Street Fight Daily: Expedia CEO to Be Offered Uber Job, Consumer Brands Cut Ad Spend

    … perspective, overlaying first-party data with accurate and real-time location data enhances the ability of marketers to serve appropriate creative and messaging at the right time and place. The digital duopoly clearly understands this. 4 Ways an Amazon-Powered Whole Foods Will Disrupt Supermarket Chains (AdWeek) We spoke with a handful of digital…

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  • How 5 Brands Use Geo-Targeting to Fuel In-Store Sales

    … Mattress has been able to generate higher click-through rates. Whole Foods: Geo-conquesting around competitors’ stores In a bid to boost post-click conversion rates for its mobile ads, while also drawing customers away from competitors, Whole Foods placed geo-fences around a number of store locations. Shoppers who entered these geo-fenced areas saw…

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  • How Amazon’s Whole Foods Buy Could Transform the Retail Ecosystem

    … Amazon’s recent $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market could signal a new era of experimentation and pushing boundaries in retail as the company continues to redefine content and commerce in the grocery space and elsewhere, according to Gwen Morrison, co-CEO of The Store, WPP’s global retail practice. “It’s a mistake to just look…

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  • Are we headed for a retail duopoly?

    … as they are in the process of acquiring organic grocery store Whole foods. While not even coming close to Wal-Mart’s almost 5,000 locations across the country, including Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and Sam’s Club, this acquisition would give Amazon a substantial foot in the door in the country’s grocery market. With its already popular online business, with just…

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