• The 80/20 rule: How to make the biggest impact with video

    … It’s a tumultuous time to work in publishing. Running a successful brand not only requires the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and platforms, but to quickly identify which has the most impact and prioritize it accordingly. Knowing what “works” is the first step, but knowing how to get the most value out of what works, and making…

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  • How Fox Sports uses automation to turn their editorial team into video pros

    … editorial staff is using the Wibbitz platform which allows them to convert their copy into shareable text-based video content to supplement their articles with rich media. Rather than tapping the video team, Foss has turned all 40 of his writers into video producers who churn out 10 to 20 videos per day, adding an engaging visual summary…

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  • ‘Video is our lifeblood:’ How publishers meet the video challenge in 5 charts

    The biggest question for publishers prioritizing video isn’t Snapchat or Facebook Live, it’s simple economics. How many bodies can an organization throw at production and still keep the lights on? Early entrants to video—Buzzfeed, Vox, MTV—have huge teams churning out streams of video content for every social platform.

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  • What Do Consumers Think About New Digital Technologies? (Report)

    … Marketing choices are often led by technological developments. With increased reliance on the internet, marketers are catering to internet-first and, in some cases, mobile-only audiences. But what do consumers think of the technologies that could define the near future, such as wearables, virtual reality and live video? A report from text…

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  • People Prefer Silent, End-Roll, Non-Auto-Play Video Ads (Report)

    … By David Cohen on May. 18, 2016 - 9:30 AM Silence is golden when it comes to video ads, according to a survey of more than 1,100 U.S. Internet users between the ages of 18 and 65 by text-to-video creation platform Wibbitz. Wibbitz—which counts publishers including USA Today Sports, AOL, Popular Science and Reuters among its clients—also…

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