• The new & improved SERP Checker

    … You may have noticed that the SERP Checker has now moved out of your advanced reviews and into a separate page, with new functionality and greater flexibility. We’ve provided a summary of what’s changed and how you can get the most from the SERP Checker. Where to find the SERP Checker The SERP Checker can now be accessed via the link at the top…

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  • Improving the WooRank Score

    … Search engine optimization is a continuously evolving challenge as Google’s algorithm changes regularly. At WooRank, we are constantly improving the WooRank score to make sure we deliver the ultimate and future-proof solutions to get found online. In fact, from looking at the large number of reports generated in WooRank and the current trends…

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  • Hello Maria: Globetrotting Marketer, Polyglot, and Pie Baker

    … Continuing our series on new hires, we are so excited to welcome Maria, our new marketing star and speaker of oh-so-many languages. She brings a load of cool experience to the team, and she makes a wicked good apple pie! Fast Facts Name: Maria Lopez-Barrantes Age: 32 Position @WooRank: Digital Marketer Languages you speak: Spanish, French…

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  • Introducing the new Crawl Errors report

    … As we all know too well, almost all websites have some kind crawling issues, whether due to broken links from internal pages or linking websites, problems with servers not responding properly, incorrect linking from sitemaps, or other reasons. WooRank users have been able to sync their Google Analytics accounts to pull useful data…

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  • Introducing our new Backlink Quality section

    After reaching out to our customers to find out which features they wanted to see next in their WooRank Reviews, we have some exciting news to announce! For those of you that missed it, our friends at Search Metrics recently released their 2015 Ranking Factors study, which highlights that backlinks continue to remain at the top of the list when it comes to influencing the search results.

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  • WooRank Roadmap: An exit, a refueling and a look toward the future

    …A significant exit We’re a relatively young company, but we’ve come a long way on just our bootstraps. In four years, with no outside investment, WooRank has grown to 20 colleagues and 3,300 clients. It’s been an exciting journey and every journey has important mile markers – last week WooRank announced one of these: a management buyout. In 2010…

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  • WooRank Experts on E-days Brussels

    … and specialists in various fields of web and e-marketing tried to answer this question in the Speed Coaching area. They were available for a personal consultation and we’re excited to say that some of these professionals were WooRank Experts we invited to participate. WooRank was proud to have some of the best online professionals representing…

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  • Preparing for #MobileMadness (And Other Improvements)

    … Hi WooRankers! As you might have read in our newsletter, here’s what’s new at WooRank this month: (Didn’t get our newsletter? If you’d like to, you can sign up here to keep up-to-date on everything WooRank is working on, sometimes even before we release it!) We improved our PDF Editor with better colors and customizations, including a new…

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  • Mobile Criteria Improvements

    … There’s been a lot of buzz about mobile optimization recently. In a total departure from their modus operandi, Google has announced in advance that they are making an algorithm change on 21 April and have explained exactly who is going to be affected. Their mobile search rankings are getting overhauled, and that means that any site that they can’t…

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  • WooRank has a new brand identity!

    … Hi, my name is Pierre and I recently joined the design team at WooRank. Right now, we are working hard to enhance your experience of the tool and so I’ll be sharing our updates with you over time. First things first, let’s talk about brand identity. WooRank is evolving From a company run by just two founders in 2010 to an ever expanding team…

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  • The Certified WooRank Experts Directory is Now Live!

    … We are happy to announce that a curated list of Digital Marketing Experts is now available on the Certified WooRank Experts Page. We have been receiving an enormous amount of requests from our users to help them with certain issues regarding their online presence. While WooRank provides a tool to track and identify problems it does not come…

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  • Introducing the WooRank Reviews Index

    … Are you an SEO or digital marketer looking for leads? Perhaps you need some stats for your next SlideShare? Have you ever wondered… Which analytics tools are used the most in your country? How extensive the use of WordPress as a CMS is in the area where you want to open a WordPress bug-fixing service? Which sites are using Outbrain to bring…

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  • What’s New in Your WooRank Review?

    … We have been a bit quiet lately about all of the features and improvements we’ve been working on, and it’s about time we did some sharing! Here’s a look into a few things you might have already seen pop up in your reviews and a big usability update that’s just arrived. Dashboard Design New Dashboard View Left Panel Navigation: We’ve updated…

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