Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM, WOM marketing), also called word of mouth advertising, differs from naturally occurring WOM, in that it is actively influenced or encouraged by organisations (e.g. 'seeding' a message in a network, rewarding regular consumers to enage in WOM, employing WOM 'agents'). While it is difficult to truly control WOM, research has shown that there are three generic avenues to 'manage' WOM for the purpose of WOMM: 1) Build a strong WOM foundation (e.g. sufficient levels of satisfaction, trust and commitment), 2) Indirect WOMM management which implies that managers only have a moderate amount of control (e.g.
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  • 3 Ways to Turn Your Customers Into an Effective Marketing Channel

    … A common challenge for startups is how to generate awareness and attract new customers. Many don’t have the resources to pursue traditional marketing or public-relations efforts, and must find creative ways to increase their visibility. One channel that’s especially valuable for these companies is word-of-mouth marketing, a medium…

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  • 5 Actionable Tips For Growth Hacking Your Email List

    …. This is an effective technique for growing your email list with very little heavy lifting, as often times an online course can be easily created by reformatting existing resources (like an ebook) to offer up in daily segments. 4. Leverage heat map insight Have you ever considered how much of your blog post people actually read? After analyzing…

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  • 3 Ways to Jump-Start Your 2015 Sales

    …, or even create a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your biggest client accounts. Where did each of your current clients originate? Referral? Online inquiry? Or did you proactively go out and introduce yourself to the client’s company? Every business needs to strike the right balance between reaching out to customers directly (“outbound lead…

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  • How to Enhance Your Loyalty Programs Using Social Media

    … Do you want to increase customer loyalty? Have you considered adding a social component to your loyalty program? Your loyalty program isn’t just about rewarding customers. It’s about encouraging ongoing communication. In this article you’ll discover how combining social media with your branded loyalty program can help you reach your campaign…

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  • Native Advertising Disclosure & Transparency: Who’s Responsible?

    … variety of native advertising products have emerged on all sorts of platforms, ranging from traditional publishers, to in-app and in-game ads, recommendation engines, display units, and a host of other formats. As the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) puts it in a newly released white paper on the topic, “the key principle is one…

    Rebecca Lieb/ Marketing Landin Display- 19 readers -
  • How to Create Word-of-Mouth Marketing That Spreads Like Wildfire

    … to shed light on what persuades people to share. We've detailed each of Berger's principles alongside real-life marketing applications to help you get to a point where you can spend less on marketing, and still have people talking about your brand. Social Currency Have you ever been at the gym or waiting in line at the store and suddenly you overhear…

    Carly Stec/ The IMPACT Blogin How To's- 10 readers -
  • Why Clickbait Is Dangerous for Brands

    …, but I think the effect is more similar to catalexis in that the second line’s brevity emphasizes something unfinished or incomplete. The second sentence is intentionally vague: click here to finish the thought, answer the question, solve the riddle! And, like most unfinished stories, the conclusion is rarely satisfying. As Roberts writes…

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  • 7 Ways You’re Missing Out on Attracting More Loyal Subscribers

    … media. But you’re just not attracting as many subscribers as you thought you would. What gives? Well, you might be making some (or all) of these seven mistakes. 1. Avoiding asking people to share your freebie According to a survey by Nielsen, 92% of people say they trust word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations by friends and family more than…

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