WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by more than 22.0% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.It was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of February 19, 2014, version 3.8 had been downloaded more than 20 million times.
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    • The 10 most common WordPress SEO challenges and how to solve them

      If you’re new to the business of SEO and are just figuring out how to optimize your WordPress site for search, navigating the landscape of SEO can seem like a nightmare. You’ll have seen a thousand different articles on SEO: on-page optimization tips, off-page optimization tips, SEO basics, email marketing tips, etc. online and implemented them – only to see them fail, or worse, backfire.

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    • 7 Great Mobile Apps for Bloggers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

      If you are a blogger, business owner, or entrepreneur, you need to have a toolbox of resources at your fingertips to help you organize and plan your business tasks. With everything being mobile these days, it’s wise to have a list of great business apps that can help you make your business more successful, more organized, and more viable.

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    • LeadPages: Deploy Beautiful, Responsive Landing Pages in Minutes

      LeadPages is a landing page platform that allows you to publish templated, responsive landing pages To Facebook, WordPress or your own site with just a few clicks. With LeadPages, you can easily create sales pages, welcome gates, landing pages, launch pages, squeeze pages, launching soon pages, thank you pages, pre-cart pages, upsell pages, about me pages, interview series pages and more.

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  • Cashing In On The WordPress Work-From-Home Boom

    … WordPress is opening up a lot of doors for people across the globe. Being the CEO of NameHero I’m shocked at the number of customers I’ve seen come through over the last 24 months with thriving WordPress development businesses. Even in our new office building here in Kansas City, there are two different companies alone, […] The post Cashing In On The WordPress Work-From-Home Boom appeared first on Startup Hero. …

    Ryan Gray/ IMGRIND- 4 readers -
  • Titles and meta variables in Yoast SEO

    … Variables have become a staple of Yoast SEO. Variables make it possible to automate certain processes on your site. They also make it easy to change large batches of meta descriptions for instance, since you only have to change the structure of the variable – the site fills in the data automatically. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the Titles…

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  • Interview Rian Rietveld & Andrea Fercia – YoastCon speakers

    … Rian Rietveld and Andrea Fercia are two heavyweights in the WordPress accessibility community. Both legends are joining us at the YoastCon SEO conference on November 2, 2017. For this joint interview, we asked them a couple of questions about the current state of accessibility, common implementation mistakes and how to start with the right…

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  • Cool Ways to Integrate Social Media on your Website

    … Social media has always been a great way to build engagement, quickly attracting relevant people to your blog. However, to truly succeed online, you have to know the different ways you can install or integrate social media into your blogging strategy. To do this at one point would be impossible, requiring enormous code, but with companies coming…

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  • Should I move my WordPress website to HTTPS?

    … your site uses HTTP or HTTPS protocol. It might not be a crucial factor if you are not very serious about your website. However, if you are an online business, this is not something to overlook – website visitors demand secure connections to the websites they are interacting with. If you aren’t too familiar with the technicalities of SEO, working…

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  • 5 questions: Alain Schlesser – WordPress Core Contributor

    … Alain Schlesser – aka Schlessera – is a prolific WordPress Core Contributor and he is on a mission: “I want to make WordPress future-proof enough to withstand the next few online revolutions without drowning in technical debt, and as a direct consequence, ensure the longevity of the community that’s surrounding it”. Yoast supports him in reaching…

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  • 5 questions: Remkus de Vries – Forsite Media

    … His name is Joeke-Remkus de Vries, but you can call him Remkus. You might know him by his online handle DeFries and you could have run into him at one of the many WordCamps around the world. Remkus is a well-known and respected figure in the WordPress community and we’re glad to offer him the possibility to do more awesome work in the community…

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  • 10 Best Practices for Structuring URLs to Improve SEO Rankings

    …. The requirement of the search engines is not that the URL is perfectly clean, but rather that it is easily comprehended and understood by those people searching for it. In addition a simple, easily understood URL is more likely to be clicked on in Google’s organic results improving your CTR. When using WordPress, this can easily be done through the use…

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  • 6 Ways to Make Your Blog More Beautiful (and Effective)

    … what a few cosmetic changes can do for your blog’s performance and your readers’ satisfaction. Oh, and make sure you read to the end if you’re feeling really brave! How to make your blog more beautiful If your blog is hosted on WordPress you’ll probably find this list is a bit more tailored to you. That being said, I’ve tried to include some other…

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  • SEO for everyone

    … because he strongly believed that everyone could benefit from the SEO knowledge he had collected in his work for large agencies. As a WordPress fanboy, he could quickly translate his technical SEO skills into a useful plugin for WordPress. New to SEO? Learn the Basics of SEO in our Basic SEO course » $ 199€ 199 - Buy now » Info The WordPress SEO…

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  • How To Disable WP-Cron In WordPress

    … One of the biggest support requests we see with WordPress has to deal with the wp-cron process. WP-Cron manages all the scheduled events in your WordPress website. It’s a very common cause for high CPU loads and memory consumption especially for websites with very large databases and/or traffic. By default WordPress is setup to call […] The post How To Disable WP-Cron In WordPress appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • 5 Tips to Grow Your Email List With WordPress

    … Need to build a list of qualified leads from visitors to your WordPress website? Who doesn’t? Growing an email list of people who are genuinely interested in your product or service will help you grow your business. In fact, 80 percent of small businesses find email marketing to be an important tool for driving both customer acquisition…

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