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  • A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use WordPress

    …: WordPress.com is a fully functional (but limited) blogging platform whereas WordPress.org is blogging software that you install on your own host. We recommend the latter due to the control, flexibility and power it gives your blog. This tutorial will focus on self-hosted WordPress and is intended to be a short introduction for new users. How…

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  • The First 100 Days After Launching a Blog for My Business

    … are setup as best as possible. They also create your sitemap, which is important and will be discussed more below. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Another very important plugin is the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. Hopefully, you already have Google Analytics setup on your business website. If not, do that first. Then, install the Google Analytics…

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  • How to Create Facebook Instant Articles For Your Blog

    … If you have been on Facebook over the past few months, you have probably noticed their new Instant Articles feature. Facebook Instant Articles are articles that load within Facebook when they are clicked. Facebook says they load up to 10x faster than normal articles (links) and because of that they get more engagement. I am always interested…

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