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    • How to connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO and fix errors

      In our plugin, you can connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO. This verifies your website for your Google Search Console account and allows you to view your crawl errors. Especially when you have a large site, the number of crawl errors might scare you. In this post, I’ll explain a bit more about crawl errors and show you how to fix them, using Yoast SEO Premium.

      Michiel Heijmans/ Yoast- 21 readers -
    • How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with WordPress

      So, you finally set up the blog you’ve been talking about at every family gathering for the last 5 years. Maybe you consider yourself a WordPress-wizard, a dabbler in the dark arts of internet blogging. Even if you are just a newbie, the sense of accomplishment in running your own website can be a huge boost.

      The Blog Herald- 18 readers -
    • Yoast SEO 5.8

      For us, these last few weeks were mostly about our SEO conference YoastCon, but work on Yoast SEO went on as well. Today, we’re proud to present Yoast SEO 5.8. In this release, you’ll find a truckload of fixes and enhancements. I’ll share some of them in this release post and I’ll shine a light on all those smart community members who helped enhance this release.

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  • Yoast SEO 5.9: A more accessible content analysis

    A new release doesn’t always have to bring incredible features, as it can silently set the stage for bigger things to come. Yoast SEO 5.9, released today, is such a release. While this release doesn’t contain groundbreaking new features, it does provide an important new piece of the Yoast SEO puzzle for the future: we’ve rebuilt the content analysis in React.

    Yoast- 11 readers -
  • WordPress e-Commerce Platforms for Online Business

    … are designed in a way that they are simple to make modifications yet complete instructions should be provided to the developer to successfully install the plugin to site. Below mentioned are the helpful list of plugins that can turn out to be highly beneficial for running a website. 1. WP eCommerce: WP eCommerce is a top-rated WordPress e-commerce plugin…

    ppc.org- 10 readers -
  • A New & Easy Way to Create Tables in WordPress

    Original source: A New & Easy Way to Create Tables in WordPress via DailySEOblog. Accept it. Creating tables in WordPress is messy. Of course, there have been plugins that’ll get the job done, but those plugins have been coded couple of years ago and appear to be clunky. For the new responsive web age, ...

    DailySEOblog- 10 readers -
  • Get More Social Shares by Showing Share Buttons While Users Are Engaged

    …, social sharing plugins show up at the most obvious places. Either on the top/end of article, or on the sides. What’s wrong with it? Well, one since every blog has the same layout or display preferences, people are likely to get blind to it and ignore social sharing. Two, it’s the usual way of doing things and makes your […] …

    DailySEOblog- 19 readers -
  • Gutenberg: Concepts for integrating Yoast SEO

    … Gutenberg is the new editing experience coming to WordPress. We’ve talked about it before. While we have some hesitations, we do see Gutenberg as a major step forward and are thinking about how we will integrate Yoast SEO into Gutenberg. In this post, we’ll share some of the ideas we’re excited about. Gutenberg introduces new concepts, like…

    Joost De Valk/ Yoastin SEO- 12 readers -
  • Increase Engagement by Adding a Sticky bar at End of Articles!

    … Original source: Increase Engagement by Adding a Sticky bar at End of Articles! via DailySEOblog. Increasing engagement on your blog is a great way to create more quality audience and thereby increase your chances to get better at search engine relevancy. There are of course, different ways to make your audience more engaged, such as.. Showing…

    DailySEOblog- 12 readers -
  • An easy way to collect email IDs from websites

    … Original source: An easy way to collect email IDs from websites via DailySEOblog. If you’re running a lead generation offer on your website, then collecting emails is a necessity. Of course, there are different options to get email ids, popups, screen take overs etc. But admit it, most of them are annoying to users. The reason, they are mostly…

    DailySEOblogin EMail- 15 readers -
  • How To Edit Images within WordPress

    … Original source: How To Edit Images within WordPress via DailySEOblog. Back in those days, we had all the time to work on Photoshop. Now, with the kind of pace bloggers work pumping out stories in hundreds, there is no time to edit with Photoshop. Canva is a better and quicker online alternative to Photoshop. But that again, needs its time. How…

    DailySEOblogin Blogging- 17 readers -
  • How to improve WordPress search

    … The default WordPress search functionality is certainly lacking in areas. Although changes were made in 2013 to improve it, there are still a few areas where WordPress could use some help. It is, however, relatively easy to improve WordPress search by adding a few pieces of code. Here, I’ll list some of the methods you could use to make WordPress…

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  • Managing access to Yoast SEO with SEO roles

    With the release of Yoast SEO 5.5 comes a great new feature: SEO roles. A site admin can now determine in the backend of WordPress who gets access to the various settings and features of Yoast SEO. This makes for a more fluid and flexible access protocol for different kinds of users on a site. It is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution, but a more tailored one.

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  • 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Increasing Social Shares

    … Original source: 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Increasing Social Shares via DailySEOblog. According to a Shareaholic report published by Forbes in 2015, with more than 31% of all referral traffic, which is the visits that come to a site from sources outside of its search engine, social media is the prime driver. Amidst all the social networking…

    DailySEOblog- 25 readers -
  • What are custom taxonomies in WordPress?

    … by wpmudev.org (2016). These custom taxonomies can be public and private, which also makes them extremely useful for internal grouping of elements as well. I can imagine grouping VIP users, social influencers; you name it. Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $ 199€ 199 - Buy now » Info Note: (Custom) Taxonomies and Gutenberg…

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  • How To Reduce User Exits & Shopping Cart Abandonment in WordPress

    … tabs open and not return to your website. For e-com sites built on WordPress, this is a challenge. Here’s a neat way to reduce user browser exits and reduce shopping cart abandonment in WordPress. Simply use this plugin called RetentionTab. It has a neat way to bring abandoned users back. Whenever a user forgets your website and don’t […] …

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  • Yoast SEO supports Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

    … Analysis for Yoast SEO. As of today, two existing ACF glue plugins will come together in one official plugin. Here, we’ll shine a light on the open source driven development of this new ACF plugin. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info Why use Advanced Custom Fields? Like the name…

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