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  • SQL Injection – The Old Trick that Keeps on Giving

    … If you’ve never heard of an SQL injection, don’t worry; it’s a term that only really entered the public consciousness in the last few years. Describing a way for hackers and other criminals to steal data, an SQL injection basically makes let’s malicious people inject bad code into a website’s database and then they can tamper with the website…

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  • BTXP 009: 15 Tips to Help Keep Your Blog Secure from Threats

    … to be a little bit more safe online. Security plugins and services for WordPress include BulletProof Security, Limit Login Attempts, Wordfence and Sucuri. I recommend David Steven-Jennings if you’d like to get a security audit done on your blog and/or blog servers. Sign up to Google Webmaster Tools if you haven’t already as they offer some good…

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  • A Quick Guide on Beefing Up Your WordPress Security

    … are other security plugins that you may want to try out if you’re not comfortable with Wordfence. Login Security Solution – Strengthen your login page by downloading and activating this plugin. It lets you track down IP addresses of its visitors, logs out users accounts that have been compromised, and slows down response times for users who have incurred…

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  • Choosing WordPress Themes: Security Risks, Code Bloat and Other Issues

    … like ugly shortcodes instead of nice text! If you want to read an example, read about the Divi Theme. Where to Look for Themes? At least the themes in the WordPress.org Theme Directory have gone through some kind of theme review, but even then, I would look for a recommendation for a particular theme from another source as well. Read the reviews…

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  • 14 Easy Ways To Make Your WordPress Website More Secure

    … Move wp-config.php up one directory If your host allows you to access non-public directories on your server above your WordPress directory, simply move the wp-config.php file up one directory. WordPress has built-in this feature so it won’t break your site when you do so. If for some reason it does, just move it back. This way it will be a lot…

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  • WordPress Security Tips: Protect Your Site from Hackers

    … to consider for protecting the code and backend are: Wordfence Security iThemes Security (formerly WP Better Security) And a security door for your login There are so many dodgy characters lurking around the front door of your WordPress website. You really need to make sure you have all the locks secured and maybe even a bar on the door…

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  • Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress with Google Authenticator

    … A guide to setting up two-factor authentication on any WordPress website with Google Authenticator for free in order to further improve WordPress security. The post Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress with Google Authenticator appeared first on Penguin Initiatives. Related Stories Best WordPress Hosting in 2014 Fastest & Best WordPress Themes in 2014 Best WordPress Affiliate Programs in 2014 …

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