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  • How To Select a CMS that is Optimized for Search

    … impacting search results. Backups: Backups and SEO? Well… if you lose your site and content, it’s pretty difficult to rank. Having a solid backup with incremental backups as well as on-demand, off-site backups and restores is extremely helpful. Browser Notifications: Chrome and Safari now offer integrated notifications with operating systems…

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  • Why you should buy Yoast SEO Premium

    … One of the questions people ask us sometimes is “Why should I buy Yoast SEO Premium when Yoast SEO free is so awesome already?”. Well, we’re glad you asked! Let me explain the two most important features you’ll get when you buy Yoast SEO Premium. I’ll discuss both the redirects module and the multiple focus keywords functionality below. But you…

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  • Real-time content analysis for better SEO

    … The best way to improve someone’s SEO content writing, is to let him do it, and then give real-time feedback. Ever since its first release in 2011, the page analysis functionality in WordPress SEO has always worked when you saved the post. We’re about to change that, and make it real-time. We’ll give you a preview of what that’s like in this post…

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Focus Keyword

    … previews, a very related feature of the WordPress SEO plugin we wrote about earlier this year: As you can see the traffic is comparable, we know the search traffic to our snippet preview post is reasonably good, so we know it’s worth optimizing for. Using Google Trends to compare between your old focus keywords and the one you would like to choose…

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  • The Best WordPress Plugins for Business 2014

    … knows the money is in the list. Turn your list to gold by sending reliable, responsive newsletters without lifting a finger and manage subscribers without leaving WordPress. Themeforest – Find The Best WordPress Themes on the Planet. Over 17,000 WordPress templates by designers, developers and creatives from all over the globe can be found…

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  • Friday Infographic: SEO Plugins for WordPress: What do We Use?

    TRENDING: Check out our Case Studies, Whitepapers and more in our Knowledge Bank! 10 October 2014 BY Bas van den Beld http://www.stateofdigital.com/friday-infographic-seo-plugins-wordpress-use/ WordPress is hot! We know because we use it. A crawl of over 13 million websites conducted by Lipperhey has found that 13% of the web in Europe is using WordPress.

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  • 10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

    … publishing your post, let someone else read your post first. Ask him/her whether or not he understands the main idea of your post. Correct typo’s and sentences that are not formulated correctly. Additional tips for writing an SEO-friendly blog post These tips were taken from chapter 7 of our ebook Optimize your WordPress site. I think you should start…

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